PS 30

Tuesday, August 11, 2015: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Baltimore Convention Center
 An experimental approach to understanding browsing by moose and deer in recently logged forests
Justin A. Compton, Springfield College; Stephen DeStefano, USGS; Edward Faison, Highstead; David Foster, Harvard Forest
 Associational antiherbivore defense promotes the coexistence of hairy and glabrous plants
Yasuhiro Sato, Kyoto University; Hiroshi Kudoh, Kyoto University
 Nutrient inputs and herbivores interactively influence black mangrove tolerance to damage
Sze Wing Yu, University of Maryland; Alexander Forde, University of Maryland; Daniel S. Gruner, University of Maryland
 Can conspicuous leaf miner damage decrease other types of herbivory?
Leeann Kuehn, Denison University; Sneha Vissa, Denison University; Justin Bean, Denison University; Rachel Hoffman, Denison University; Lauren Marino, Denison University; Jay Vela, Denison University; Andrew C. McCall, Denison University
 Eastern hemlock resistance to the woolly adelgid: Progress and prospects
Evan Preisser, University of Rhode Island; Richard Casagrande, University of Rhode Island
 Contrasting latitudinal patterns in plant defence in Oenothera biennis (Onagraceae)
Daniel N. Anstett, University of Toronto; Jeffery Ahern, University of Turku; Juha-Pekka Salminen, University of Turku; Marc T. J. Johnson, University of Toronto Mississauga
 Damage-induced response and seasonal variation in stinging hair traits of Japanese nettle (Urtica thunbergiana) seedlings in two subpopulations with different browsing pressure by Sika deer
Teiko Kato, Iwate university; Kiyoshi Ishida, Hirosaki university; Junichi Kikuchi, Nara university of education; Harumi Torii, Nara university of education
 Consequences of plant density and natural versus simulated herbivory for common milkweed
Melissa H. Hey, College of William & Mary; Harmony J. Dalgleish, College of William and Mary; John J. Couture, University of Wisconsin-Madison
 Testing for mechanisms of inducible resistance in endophyte-infected grass
Tom L. Bultman, Hope College; Jamin G. Wieringa, Central Michigan University; Alex Swain, Hope College; T.J. Sullivan, Indiana University Kokomo
 Incidence of extra-floral nectaries and their relationship to growth and survival of lowland tropical rain forest trees
Andrew J. Muehleisen, Yale University; Simon A. Queenborough, Yale University; Pablo Alvia, Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador; Renato Valencia R., Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador; Brigitte Fiala, University of Wurzburg
 The roles of leaf defense and nutrients in plant-herbivore interactions: A study in the respone to varying herbivore intensity
Carolyn E. McDermott, Buena Vista University; Kyle J. Haynes, University of Virginia; Anurag A. Agrawal, Cornell University
 Defense traits in ponderosa pine and potential tradeoffs with growth
Sean R. Pinnell, The University of Montana; Raul de la Matta, The University of Montana; Anna Sala, University of Montana
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