PS 67
Invasion: Dynamics, Population Processes

Thursday, August 13, 2015: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Baltimore Convention Center
 Does a shift in mating system facilitate range expansion of an invasive plant, Mimulus guttatus?
Jason A. Berg, University of Maryland-College Park; Michele R. Dudash, University of Maryland-College Park; Elizabeth A. Zimmer, Smithsonian Institution
 Ecological genetics of root architecture variation in Arabidopsis thaliana in native and non-native environments
Courtney Murren, College of Charleston; Clare Kohler, College of Charleston; Javier Puy, U. Automnoma Madrid; Begoña Peco, Autónoma University of Madrid; Juan Malo, U. Autonoma Madrid; Gorka Sancho, College of Charleston
 Timing and pattern of population establishment by the invasive zooplankton, Bythotrephes longimanus, in a Minnesota lake using sediment records
Donn K. Branstrator, University of Minnesota Duluth; Ashley E. Beranek, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; Meghan E. Brown, Hobart and William Smith Colleges; Leif K. Hembre, Hamline University
 Ash tree (Fraxinus spp.) seedling dynamics in emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis) infested forests
Rachel H. Kappler, Bowling Green State University; Kathleen S. Knight, USDA Forest Service; Karen V. Root, Bowling Green State University
 Macroscale spatiotemporal distribution patterns show commonalities among notorious invaders
Teresa L. Clark, Purdue University; Songlin Fei, Purdue University
 Characterizing and comparing bud bank in native and invaded mixed-grass prairie in the Northern Great Plains
Lan Xu, South Dakota State University; Haiming Kan, China Agricultural University, Beijing; Dave Ode, 3South Dakota Game Fish & Parks Department; Ying-Jun Zhang, China Agricultural University
 Is aggregative oviposition beneficial to emerald ash borer fitness?
Josiah P. Ritchey, Washington and Jefferson College; Jason S. Kilgore, Washington and Jefferson College
 Interactions between native predators, an introduced parasitoid, and a native parasitoid in the population regulation of an invasive geometrid
Hannah J. Broadley, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Joseph S. Elkinton, University of Massachusetts Amherst; George H. Boettner, University of Massachusetts
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