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Marine Systems

Monday, August 10, 2015: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Baltimore Convention Center
 Pelagic food supply and drift sea ice influence intertidal community structure along the Atlantic Canadian coast
Ricardo A. Scrosati, St. Francis Xavier University; Willy Petzold, St. Francis Xavier University
 Establishing baseline monitoring data for sea turtle nesting beaches with varying anthropogenic usage in St. Johns County, Florida
Xue Mo Zhang, University of Florida; Nadia Kemal, University of Florida; Brian J. Smith, University of Florida; Nichole Bishop, University of Florida; Ray Carthy, University of Florida
 Effects of abiotic stressors and soil microbiota on the zonation of coastal dune plants
Diana T. Barrett, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; Tara K. Rajaniemi, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; Vanni Bucci, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; Mark Silby, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
 Bioessays of the effect of commercial grade 5% DEET mosquito repellent on “in vitro” populations of the dinoflagellate Gymnodinium instriatum
Emmanuel Dávila Santiago, University of Puerto Rico at Humacao; Miguel Sastre, University of Puerto Rico at Humacao; Sylvia Vélez Villamil, University of Puerto Rico at Humacao
 Genetic variation in Symbiodinium benefit to an octocoral host
Cameron R. Winbush, Califronia State University, Northridge; Casey P. terHorst, California State University, Northridge
 Temporal associations among abundances of predator, prey, and an acanthocephalan parasite in intertidal sandy shores of southern Chile
Sara M Rodriguez, Universidad Austral de Chile; Nelson Valdivia, Instituto de Ciencias Marinas y Limnológicas, Universidad Austral de Chile
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