COS 141
Food Webs II

Friday, August 14, 2015: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
323, Baltimore Convention Center
8:00 AM
 Untangling the roles of parasites in food webs with generative network models
Abigail Z. Jacobs, University of Colorado Boulder; Jennifer A. Dunne, Santa Fe Institute; Cristopher Moore, Santa Fe Institute; Aaron Clauset, University of Colorado Boulder
8:20 AM
  δ15N of lipids in marine animals reflect the δ15N of the base of the food web
Elisabeth Svensson, NIOZ; Stefan Schouten, NIOZ; Ellen Hopmans, NIOZ; Jack Middelburg, University of Utrecht; Jaap S. Sinninghe Damste, NIOZ
8:40 AM
 The stability of large food webs
Stefano Allesina, University of Chicago; Jacopo Grilli, University of Chicago; György Barabás, University of Chicago; Si Tang, University of Chicago; Amos Maritan, Universita di Padova
9:00 AM
 Predicting global community properties from uncertain estimates of interaction strengths
György Barabás, University of Chicago; Stefano Allesina, University of Chicago
9:20 AM
 Motifs in the assembly of food web networks
Benjamin Baiser, University of Florida; Rasha Elhesha, University of Florida; Tamer Kahveci, University of Florida
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Individuals in food webs: The relationships between trophic position, omnivory and among-individual variation
Peter Eklöv, Uppsala University; Richard Svanbäck, Uppsala University; Mario Quevedo, Research Unit of Biodiversity; Jens Olsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
10:30 AM
 Molecular assessment of seasonal fluctuation in intraguild predation and prey utilization among wolf spiders (Schizocosa spp.)
Michael I. Sitvarin, Post-doctoral scholar; Thomas D. Whitney, University of Georgia; James D. Harwood, University of Kentucky
10:50 AM
 Type III functional response by omnivores and persistence of intraguild predation in a productive habitat
Toshiyuki Namba, Osaka Prefecture University; Takahiro Yamahata, Osaka Prefecture University; Yusuke Ikegawa, Graduate School of Science, Osaka Prefecture University
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