COS 32
Invasion: Prevention And Management

Tuesday, August 11, 2015: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
343, Baltimore Convention Center
8:20 AM
 Predicting which invertebrates are most likely to invade natural ecosystems: The roles of biogeography and climate
Marona D.M. Rovira, Lincoln University; Eckehard G. Brockerhoff, Scion; Craig B Phillips, AgResearch; Susan P Worner, Lincoln University; Karen Armstrong, Lincoln University
8:40 AM
 Non-native earthworms in a historically earthworm free California Channel Island: Drivers and ecological effects of earthworm invasions
Shishir Paudel, Oklahoma State University; Beau MacDonald, University of Southern California; Travis Longcore, University of Southern California; Gail W.T. Wilson, Oklahoma State University; Scott R. Loss, Oklahoma State University
9:00 AM
 Assessing outreach efforts on recreational boaters to reduce aquatic invasive species
Ellen Cole, Loyola University Chicago; Kelly Garbach, Institute of Environmental Sustainability, Loyola University Chicago; Reuben P. Keller, Loyola University Chicago
9:20 AM
 Evaluating long-term effectiveness and efficiency of invasive grass management alternatives with state and transition simulation models
Catherine S. Jarnevich, U.S. Geological Survey; Catherine Cullinane Thomas, U.S. Geological Survey; Leonardo Frid, Apex Resource Management Solutions Ltd.
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Optimal inspection of imports to prevent invasive pest introduction
Rebecca Epanchin-Niell, Resources for the Future; Cuicui Chen, Harvard University; Robert G. Haight, USDA Forest Service
10:10 AM
 Economic analysis of Prosopis juliflora utilization and management practices in Ethiopia
Tewodros T. Wakie, Colorado State University; Dana Hoag, Colorado State University; Paul Evangelista, Colorado State University; Matthew Luizza, Colorado State University; Melinda Laituri, Colorado State University
10:30 AM
 Effectiveness of cattail (Typha spp.) management techniques (mowing, burning, and herbiciding) depends on exogenous nitrogen inputs
Jason P. Martina, Our Lady of the Lake University; Kenneth J. Elgersma, University of Northern Iowa; William S. Currie, University of Michigan; Deborah E. Goldberg, University of Michigan
10:50 AM
 The role of invasive species on disturbed lands: Autumn olive in the Appalachian coal fields
Morgan E. Franke, Virginia Tech; Jacob N. Barney, Virginia Tech
11:10 AM
 Collaboratively shaping management solutions for control of emerging infectious disease using Tangible Landscape
Francesco Tonini, North Carolina State University; Douglas Shoemaker, North Carolina State University; Vaclav Petrav, North Carolina State University; Anna Petrasova, North Carolina State University; Helena Mitasova, North Carolina State University; Ross K. Meentemeyer, North Carolina State University; Brendan Harmon, North Carolina State University
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