COS 147
Remote Sensing And Image Analysis

Friday, August 14, 2015: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
341, Baltimore Convention Center
8:00 AM Cancelled
 Quantifying spatiotemporal patters of urban heat island in Beijing: An improved assessment using time-series LANDSAT LST data and GaoFen-1 data
Kai Liu, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Weimin Wang, Shenzhen Environmental Monitoring Center; Lijun Yang, Shenzhen Environmental Monitoring Station; Hong Liang, Shenzhen Environmental Monitoring Station; Hongbo Su, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences
8:20 AM
 Automatically update land cover database from multi-temporal satellite images for ecological studies
Shengli Huang, USDA Forest Service; Carlos Ramirez, USDA Forest Service; Kama Kennedy, USDA Forest Service; Jeffrey Mallory, USDA Forest Service
9:00 AM
 Characterizing a landscape using ecological sites and remote sensing
Rebecca E. Lemons, University of North Dakota; Michael J. Hill, University of North Dakota; Cherie L. New, University of North Dakota
9:20 AM
 Phenology guided saltcedar mapping using Landsat TM images in western U.S.
Wenjie Ji, SUNY University at Buffalo; Le Wang, SUNY University at Buffalo
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Multi-temporal spectral indices coupled with iterative species distribution models: A powerful tool for land managers in post-disturbance landscapes
Amanda M. West, Colorado State University; Paul H. Evangelista, Colorado State University; Catherine S. Jarnevich, U.S. Geological Survey; Sunil Kumar, Colorado State University; Aaron Swallow, Former Rangeland Management Specialist, United States Forest Service; Stephen Chignell, Colorado State University; Matthew W. Luizza, Colorado State University
10:30 AM
 Comparison of methods for the production of high resolution global daily climate layers for species modeling
Benoit Parmentier, University of Maine; Brian McGill, University of Maine; Adam M. Wilson, Yale University; Walter Jetz, Yale University; Robert P. Guralnick, University of Florida; Alberto Guzman, NASA ARC-CREST; Forrest Melton, NASA ARC-CREST; Mao-Ning Tuanmu, Yale University; Giuseppe Amatulli, Yale University; Jim Regetz, University of California Santa Barbara; Mark Schildhauer, University of California Santa Barbara
10:50 AM
 Assessing forest edge effects in the southeastern U.S. using NASA’s G-LiHT Airborne Imager
Matthew E. Fagan, NASA; Douglas C. Morton, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Bruce Cook, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Jeff G. Masek, NASA; Feng Zhao, University of Maryland, College Park; Chengquan Huang, University of Maryland, College Park; Ross F. Nelson, NASA
11:10 AM Cancelled
 Land use, climate, and recent patterns of wildfire severity across a transboundary ecoregion of the United States-Mexico borderlands
Miguel L. Villarreal, U.S. Geological Survey; Citlali Cortés Montaño, Centro Interdisciplinario de Investigación para el Desarrollo Integral Regional Unidad Durango, Mexico; Jakeb Prickett, US Bureau of Reclamation
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