COS 90
Restoration Ecology I

Wednesday, August 12, 2015: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
339, Baltimore Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Running with renewal: Reflections on ecosystem impacts of the landmark Penobscot River Restoration Project
Molly L. Payne Wynne, Penobscot River Restoration Trust; George Aponte Clarke, Penobscot River Restoration Trust
1:50 PM
 Soil amendment application after road construction alters resource availability and can benefit native over non-native species
Lindsay N. Ringer, Colorado State University; Cynthia S. Brown, Colorado State University; Victor P. Claassen, University of California, Davis; Meagan Schipanski, Colorado State University
2:10 PM
 Demography of Echinecea laevigata populations in southwest Virginia: The endangered flagship of rare forest glade habitats
Rachel J. Collins, Roanoke College; Hannah S. Johnson, Roanoke College; Ryan D. Huish, Hollins University; Ryan Klopf, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation; Sam Truslow, The Nature Conservancy
2:30 PM
 Functional recovery of an epifaunal invertebrate community associated with a restored eelgrass bed
Jonathan S. Lefcheck, Virginia Institute of Marine Science; Robert J. Orth, Virginia Institute of Marine Science; Scott R. Marion, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
2:50 PM
 Nectar resources for butterfly restoration
Helen J. Michaels, Bowling Green State University
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Charcoal soil amendments increase growth, physiological, and reproductive performance in early successional temperate pioneers
Nigel V Gale, University of Toronto; M. Abdul Halim, University of Toronto; S. C. Thomas, University of Toronto
3:40 PM
 Restoration at the roots: Nurse plant and soil addition as catalysts for seedling establishment and plant growth in Ozark glades
Alice G. Tipton, University of Missouri; Parker Coppick, Oklahoma State University; Candace Galen, University of Missouri-Columbia
4:20 PM
 A critical review of the Chilean biodiversity offset policy
Marcela A. Bustamante-Sánchez, Universidad de Concepción; Catalina Olivares, Universidad de Chile; Rafaella Canessa, Universidad de Concepción
4:40 PM
 Longterm recovery of ecosystem services reveals non-linear tradeoffs following forest harvest
Ira J. Sutherland, McGill University; Elena M. Bennett, McGill University; Sarah E. Gergel, University of British Columbia
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