COS 149

Friday, August 14, 2015: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
343, Baltimore Convention Center
8:00 AM
 Identifying hubs and assessing the impact of large-scale phenomenon from movement data using a novel statistical tool
Denis Valle, University of Florida; Ellen P. Robertson, University of Florida; Brian E. Reichert, University of Florida; Robert J. Fletcher Jr., University of Florida
8:20 AM
 A solution to the problem of separation in site-occupancy models
Ian D. Buller, Emory University; Howard H. Chang, Emory Univeristy; Uriel D. Kitron, Emory University; Fernando Abad-Franch, Centro de Pesquisa René Rachou-Fiocruz
8:40 AM
 Logistic quantile regression for bounded response variables
Brian S. Cade, U. S. Geological Survey; Barry Noon, Colorado State University
9:00 AM
 How well can body size represent effects of the environment on demographic rates? Disentangling collinear explanatory variables
Mollie E. Brooks, University of Zurich; Marianne Mugabo, University of Leeds; Gwendolen M. Rogers, University of Leeds; Tim G. Benton, University of Leeds; Arpat Ozgul, University of Zurich
9:20 AM
 Detection of climate extremes with functional data analytic approach
Jien Zhang, Lehigh University; Ping-shi Wu, Lehigh University
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 A two-species spatial occupancy model accommodating simultaneous spatial and interspecific dependence
Christopher T. Rota, University of Missouri; Christopher K. Wikle, University of Missouri; Roland W. Kays, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences; Tavis Forrester, Smithsonian Institution - National Zoological Park; Arielle Parsons, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences; William J. McShea, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute at the National Zoological Park; Joshua J. Millspaugh, University of Missouri
10:10 AM
 Beyond Brownian bridges: Time-series Kriging of autocorrelated animal tracking data
Chris H. Fleming, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute; William F. Fagan, University of Maryland; Thomas Mueller, University of Maryland; Kirk A. Olson, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute; Peter Leimgruber, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute; Justin M. Calabrese, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute at the National Zoological Park
10:30 AM
 Ramification of spatial synchrony through a network of trophic interactions in the North Sea
Daniel C Reuman, University of Kansas; Lawrence W. Sheppard, Imperial College Silwood Park
10:50 AM
 Quantifying and visualizing uncertainties in upscaled regional carbon budgets
Kusum J. Naithani, University of Arkansas; Kenneth J. Davis, The Pennsylvania State University; Klaus Keller, The Pennsylvania State University; Doug Baldwin, The Pennsylvania State University; Erica A.H. Smithwick, The Pennsylvania State University; Robert Kennedy, Oregon State University; Jeff G. Masek, NASA
11:10 AM
 Bayesian estimation of predator diet composition from fatty acids and stable isotopes
Phillip Neubauer, Dragonfly Science; Olaf P. Jensen, Rutgers University
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