COS 56
Sustainability: Urban Systems

Tuesday, August 11, 2015: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
348, Baltimore Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Urban trees drive stormwater nutrient pollution: The role of phenology and litter chemistry
Daniel A. Nidzgorski, University of Minnesota; Sarah E. Hobbie, University of Minnesota; Jacques C. Finlay, University of Minnesota; Tamara Marcus, University of New Hampshire
2:10 PM
 A new conceptual framework to explore boundaries and domains of social-ecological systems
Danelle M. Larson, Idaho State University; Colden V. Baxter, Idaho State University; Jan Boll, University of Idaho; Michail Fragkias, Boise State University; Kathleen A. Lohse, Idaho State University; Donna Lybecker, Idaho State University; Mark McBeth, Idaho State University; James Stoutenborough, Idaho State University
2:50 PM
 Looking beyond ecological functions to the value of ecosystem services in the urban regions of Houston
Deborah January-Bevers, Houston Wilderness; Courtney Hale, Houston Wilderness; Taylor Britt, Houston Wilderness; Lindsey Roche, Rice University
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Maximizing urban services provided by green and gray infrastructure to increase future urban sustainability
Elizabeth M. Cook, Universidad Austral de Chile; David M. Iwaniec, Arizona State University; Nancy B. Grimm, Arizona State University; Olga Barbosa, Universidad Austral de Chile
3:40 PM
 Regenerative stormwater conveyances: Novel ecosystems exhibiting iron flocculate formation may be altering metal biogeochemical cycles
Barret M. Wessel, University of Maryland College Park; Michael R. Williams, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
4:20 PM
 Testing bird-friendly glass prototypes in an experimental flight tunnel
Lucas W. DeGroote, Carnegie Museum of Natural History; Matt Webb, American Bird Conservancy; Christine Sheppard, American Bird Conservancy
4:40 PM
 Urban tree health in the aftermath of a hurricane: Chronic impacts of hurricane Sandy on New York City's red maple and London plane street trees
Richard Hallett, USDA Forest Service; Michelle L. Johnson, USDA Forest Service; Nancy F. Sonti, USDA Forest Service
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