COS 96
Biodiversity I

Thursday, August 13, 2015: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
302, Baltimore Convention Center
8:00 AM
 Using birds as indicators of biodiversity status for two North Dakota counties
Cherie L. New, University of North Dakota; Michael J. Hill, University of North Dakota; Rebecca E. Lemons, University of North Dakota
8:20 AM
 Mechanisms of species diversity in serpentine meadows: An experimental decoupling of local and regional processes
Rachel M. Germain, University of Toronto; Sharon Y. Strauss, University of California, Davis; Benjamin Gilbert, University of Toronto
8:40 AM
 The role of extracellular self-DNA in plant-soil negative feedback and autotoxicity
Stefano Mazzoleni, University of Naples; Giuliano Bonanomi, University of Naples; Fabrizio Carteni, University of Naples; Guido Incerti, University of Naples; Maria Luisa Chiusano, University of Naples; Pasquale Termolino, University of Naples; Mauro Senatore, University of Naples; Francesco Giannino, University of Naples; Max Rietkerk, Utrecht University; Christian E. Vincenot, Kyoto University; Virginia Lanzotti, University of Naples
9:00 AM
 How omnivores respond to plant species richness: Analyzing gut contents with next-generation sequencing
Julia Tiede, University Goettingen; Bernd Wemheuer, University Goettingen; Michael Traugott, University Innsbruck; Rolf Daniel, University Goettingen; Teja Tscharntke, University Goettingen; Anne Ebeling, Friedrich Schiller University Jena; Christoph Scherber, University Goettingen
9:20 AM
 The size of the smallest species in an assembly is tightly linked to richness in worldwide fish distributions
Shishir Adhikari, Wright State University; Volker Bahn, Wright State University; Peter B. McIntyre, University of Wisconsin
9:40 AM
10:10 AM
 The urban flower field: Testing links between biodiversity and phytoremediation in a large-scale public art project
Hunter Gaitan, University of St Thomas; Elizabeth S. Chambers, University of St. Thomas; Amanda Lovelee, Public Art St Paul; Adam Kay, University of St. Thomas
10:30 AM
 Biodiversity and growth asynchrony differences between native and novel exotic-dominated ¬†grasslands are associated with aboveground or belowground niche differences among species
Brian Wilsey, Iowa State Univ.; Kirsten S. Hofmockel, Iowa State University; Xia Xu, Iowa State Univ.; Pedram Daneshgar, Monmouth Univ.; Wayne H. Polley, USDA, Agricultural Research Service
10:50 AM
 Relationship of biodiversity to island size and isolation for a fire-prone oligotrophic ecosystem
Scott E. Nielsen, University of Alberta; Alan Haney, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; Qiting Chen, University of Alberta; Jian Zhang, University of Alberta
11:10 AM
 Main game mammal trends after the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe
Eugenia Bragina, Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison
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