COS 136
Community Pattern And Dynamics VI

Friday, August 14, 2015: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
318, Baltimore Convention Center
8:00 AM
 Scale collapse and the emergence of the power law species-area relationship
Mark Wilber, University of California, Santa Barbara; Justin A. Kitzes, University of California; John Harte, University of California
8:20 AM
 Conspecific and phylogenetic density dependent survival differs across life stages in a tropical forest
Yan Zhu, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Liza S. Comita, Yale University; Stephen P. Hubbell, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute; Keping Ma, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences
8:40 AM
 Predators, not nutrients, reduce fitness and facilitate algal colonization on a foundation coral species
Elizabeth C. Schrack, Duke University; Brian R. Silliman, Duke University; Andrew A. Shantz, Florida International University; Deron E. Burkepile, Florida International University
9:00 AM Cancelled
 Empirical succession mapping and data assimilation to constrain demographic processes in an ecosystem mode
Ryan Kelly, Boston University; Travis Andrews, Lehigh University; Michael Dietze, Boston University
9:20 AM
 Functional redundancy of scavenger guilds in sandy beach ecosystems
Chantal M Huijbers, University of the Sunshine Coast; Thomas A Schlacher, University of the Sunshine Coast; Rosemary R McVeigh, University of the Sunshine Coast; David S Schoeman, University of the Sunshine Coast; Andrew D Olds, University of the Sunshine Coast; Marion B. Brown, University of the Sunshine Coast; Kasun B Ekanayake, Deakin University; Mike A Weston, Deakin University; Rod M Connolly, Griffith University
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Changes in grassland plant-pollinator community structure with management and scale
Ellen Welti, Kansas State Univerisity; Anthony Joern, Kansas State University
10:10 AM
 Metacommunity structure of bacterioplankton communities along an urbanization gradient
Fabio T. T. Hanashiro, KU Leuven; Caroline Souffreau, KU Leuven; Jessie Engelen, University of Leuven; Kristien Brans, University of Leuven; Pieter Busschaert, University of Leuven; Luc De Meester, KU Leuven
10:30 AM
 Presence of a second foundation species alters seagrass ecosystem structure and function
Stephanie K. Archer, Fisheries and Oceans Canada; Craig A. Layman, North Carolina State University
10:50 AM
 Effects of connectivity and patch shape on patterns of plant species spillover change over time
Quinn M. Sorenson, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Ellen I. Damschen, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Lars A. Brudvig, Michigan State University
11:10 AM
 Low-assumption fitting of interaction kernels: Spline models for neighborhood competition
Collin B. Edwards, Cornell University; Stephen P. Ellner, Cornell University; Giles Hooker, Cornell University
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