COS 105
Global Change Biology

Thursday, August 13, 2015: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
325, Baltimore Convention Center
8:00 AM
 Predicting climate change adaptive potential in red-backed salamanders: Within-population variation in responses to climate
David J. Munoz, Penn State University; David A.W. Miller, Penn State University; Kyle Miller Hesed, University of Maryland; Evan H. Campbell Grant, USGS
8:20 AM
 Top-down effects of predators on soil food web could buffer carbon losses in a warmer Arctic
Amanda M. Koltz, Duke University; Justin P. Wright, Duke University
8:40 AM
 Partitioning direct and indirect effects of elevated CO2 on net primary production across climates
Simone Fatichi, ETH Zurich; Sebastian Leuzinger, Auckland University of Technology; Alicia Donnellan-Barraclough, Auckland University of Technology; Mark Hovenden, University of Tasmania
9:00 AM
 Multiple stressors in a warming world: Using thermal performance curves to improve predictions of non-additive outcomes
Kristy Jean Kroeker, University of California Santa Cruz; Jillian M. Bible, University of California Davis; Brian S. Cheng, Smithsonian Environmental Reseach Center; Rebecca L. Kordas, Imperial College; Seth H. Miller, Smithsonian Environmental Reseach Center; Christopher D.G. Harley, University of British Columbia
9:20 AM Cancelled
 Changes in bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) breeding phenology and biometrics as a result of environmental change in the Great Lakes Region of North America
Latice Fuentes, University of Maryland; H. Tyler Pittman, University of Maryland; William W Bowerman, University of Maryland
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 A comprehensive synthesis of foliar trait responses to global environmental changes
Jeanne L. D. Osnas, Purdue University; Kiona Ogle, Arizona State University; Jeffrey S. Dukes, Purdue University; David S. LeBauer, University of Illinois
10:10 AM
 Multi-factor long-term global change impacts on grassland
Kai Zhu, Carnegie Institution for Science; Nona Chiariello, Stanford University; Todd Tobeck, Carnegie Institution for Science; Tadashi Fukami, Stanford University; Christopher Field, Carnegie Institution for Science
10:30 AM
 Fire limits generalized woody encroachment in a South African savanna
Madelon F. Case, Yale University; A. Carla Staver, Yale University
10:50 AM
 The Dynamic Land Ecosystem Model (DLEM): Coupling of biophysical, biogeochemical, hydrological, vegetation dynamical and land use processes for multi-scale ecological forecasting
Hanqin Tian, Auburn University; Chaoqun Lu, Auburn University; Wei Ren, Auburn University; Jia Yang, Auburn University; Shree S. Dangal, Auburn University; Kamaljit Banger, Auburn University; Bowen Zhang, Auburn University; Qichun Yang, Auburn University; Shufen Pan, Auburn University; Bo Tao, Auburn University
11:10 AM
 A rapid survival assessment of metropolitan populations of the new leopard frog species, Rana (Lithobates) kauffeldi, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy
Jeremy A. Feinberg, Rutgers Univerisity; Joanna Burger, Rutgers University; Erik Kiviat, Hudsonia Ltd.
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