PS 87
Latebreaking: Climate Change

Friday, August 14, 2015: 8:30 AM-10:30 AM
Exhibit Hall, Baltimore Convention Center
 North American forest growth potentials reduced by climate change in the 21st century
Noah D. Charney, University of Arizona; Flurin Babst, University of Arizona; Benjamin Poulter, NASA GSFC; Sydne Record, Bryn Mawr College; Valerie Trouet, University of Arizona; David C. Frank, Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL; Brian J. Enquist, University of Arizona; Margaret E. K. Evans, University of Arizona
 Secrets of rhododendron roots
Jaynell D. Nicholson, Kent State University Student; Juliana Mederios, The Holden Arboretum; Oscar J. Valverde, Kent State University; Jean H. Burns, Case Western Reserve University
 Ancient vicariance followed by long-term northern microrefugia in Lindera obtusiloba (Lauraceae), which show disjunct distribution in East Asia
Jun Wei Ye, Beijing Normal University; Wei Ning Bai, Beijing Normal University; Lei Bao, Beijing Normal University; Hong Fang Wang, State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resource Ecology & College of Life Sciences, Beijing Normal University; Jianping Ge, Beijing Normal University
 Plant community change in response to directional shifts in nitrogen deposition and precipitation seasonality in the Colorado Front Range
Amy L. Concilio, University of Colorado; Tim Seastedt, University of Colorado at Boulder; Jesse Nippert, Kansas State University
 Comparative analysis of annual rings of perennial forbs in the Loess Plateau, China
Zongshan Li, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
 Do alterations in leaf isoprene emission affect the timing of senescence in velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens)?
Sandra Pitcher, Missouri Western State University; Jenice Bartlett, Missouri Western State University; Erin Scott, Missouri Western State University; Heather Seever, Missouri Western State University; Csengele Barta, Missouri Western State University
 Alterations in the spectral composition of the incident irradiation modulates isoprene emission and the environmental stress response of velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens)
Tyler Hughes, Missouri Western State University; Carly Compton, Missouri Western State University; Nicholas Williams, Missouri Western State University; Csengele Barta, Missouri Western State University
 Maximum global forest carbon sink for climate change mitigation
Yude Pan, Forest Service; Richard Birdsey, Forest Service
 Predicting the impacts of changing species distributions on fish species in Ontario lakes
Karen M. Alofs, University of Toronto; Donald A. Jackson, University of Toronto
 The effect of water availability on microbe-mediated interactions between native and non-native plant species
Anna P. Hawkins, University of Houston; Kerri M. Crawford, University of Houston
 Biomass carbon storage and its sequestration potential of afforestation under natural forest protection program in China
LI Zhou, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy Science; Limin Dai, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy Science; Wangming Zhou, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy Science
 Quantifying uncertainties in tree-ring estimates of biomass at the Valles Caldera, NM
M. Ross Alexander, University of Arizona; Christine R Rollinson, Boston University; Flurin Babst, University of Arizona; Marcy E. Litvak, University of New Mexico; David J.P. Moore, University of Arizona; Valerie Trouet, University of Arizona
 Bird occupancy dynamics in Alaskan wetlands: Why different size ponds matter?
Didem Ikis, Pennsylvania State University; Eric Post, Pennsylvania State University; Tyler Wagner, Pennsylvania State University
 Application of a new tolerance-based model to understand climate-related stress on US forests over the coming century
Jean Lienard, Washington State University Vancouver; John Harrison, Washington State University Vancouver; Nikolay Strigul, Washington State University Vancouver
 Mapping erosion potential of the urban coastal fringe in Jamaica Bay, NY
Thomas Hopper, Rutgers University; Marcia S. Meixler, Rutgers University
 Does early vigor predict drought resistance in Helianthus annuus L.?
Ashley M. Rea, University of Georgia; Rishi R. Masalia, University of Georgia; Lisa A. Donovan, University of Georgia
 Evaluating extreme drought-induced tree mortality and biomass loss in east Texas using Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) data
Mukti Subedi, Texas A&M University-Kingsville; Weimin Xi, Texas A&M University-Kingsville; Chris Edgar, Texas A&M Forest Service; Sandra Rideout-Hanzak, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
 Are no-analog climates in balsam poplar’s (Populus balsamifera) future (and past)?
Andrew V. Gougherty, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science; Matthew C. Fitzpatrick, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
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