PS 89
Latebreaking: Conservation

Friday, August 14, 2015: 8:30 AM-10:30 AM
Exhibit Hall, Baltimore Convention Center
 Use of droplet digital PCR for estimation of fish distribution, abundance and biomass in environmental DNA surveys
Hideyuki Doi, University of Hyogo; Kimiko Uchii, Osaka Ohtani University; Teruhiko Takahara, Shimane University; Saeko Matsuhashi, University of Hyogo; Hiroki Yamanaka, Ryukoku University; Toshifumi Minamoto, Kobe University
 Sunstainable silvopastoral solutions can prevent the collapse of the tropical nitrogen cycle
Efrat Sheffer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Simon A. Levin, Princeton University; Lars O. Hedin, Princeton University
 Identifying the incremental impact of critical habitat on land-cover change
John C. Withey, Florida International University; Erik J. Nelson, Bowdoin College
 Meeting data needs to inform recovery, conservation and management of imperiled flatwoods salamanders
Susan C. Walls, U.S. Geological Survey; Nathan Allan, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; William J. Barichivich, U.S. Geological Survey; Danté Fenolio, San Antonio Zoo; Thomas A. Gorman, Washington Department of Natural Resources; Adam Green, U.S. Geological Survey; Fred Johnson, US Geological Survey; Allison Keever, Auburn University; Mark Mandica, Atlanta Botanical Garden; Julien Martin, US Geological Survey; Arianne F. Messerman, University of Missouri; Harold G. Mitchell, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; Jana Mott, The Nature Conservancy; Katherine M. O'Donnell, U.S. Geological Survey; Terry Peacock, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; Joseph Reinman, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; Stephanie S. Romañach, U.S. Geological Survey; Raymond D. Semlitsch, University of Missouri; Gregory Titus, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
 The impact of anthropogenic noise on wetland habitats above and below the waterline
Adrienne M. Hopson-Costa, Kent State University; Ferenc de Szalay, Ph.D, Kent State University
 Using protected areas as a long-term research platform to achieve an integrated socio-ecological understanding and conservation of endangered species: the case of southern river otter in Tierra del Fuego National Park
Alejandro E.J. Valenzuela, National University of Tierra del Fuego; Mariano Malizia, National University of Tierra del Fuego; Laura Malmierca, Argentine National Parks Administration; Guillermina Massacesi, Argentine National Parks Administration; Emilce Gallo, Argentine National Parks Administration; Peter van Aert, National University of Tierra del Fuego; Darío G. Rocha, Austral Center for Scientific Research - CONICET; Merav Ben-David, University of Wyoming; Christopher B. Anderson, National University of Tierra del Fuego
 Environmental DNA technique for estimating fish biomass: Testing with fish catchment by pond draining
Izumi Katano, Nara Women's University; Rio Souma, University of Hyogo; Hideyuki Doi, University of Hyogo; Teruhiko Takahara, Shimane University; Toshifumi Minamoto, Kobe University
 From science to action: Collaborative efforts to address non-native plant invasions at the landscape scale
Bray J Beltrán, Heart of the Rockies Initiative; Linh Hoang, United States Forest Service; Erin Sexton, University of Montana; Anne Carlson, The Wilderness Society; Ian Dyson, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Development; Dawn LaFleur, National Park Service; Dennis Madsen, Parks Canada; Jed Little, Missoula County Weed District
 Influence of forest structure and soil composition on watershed performance and management
Carmela M. Buono, Rutgers University; Maxine Marvosa, Rutgers University; Eliot Nagele, Rutgers University; Johnny J Quispe, Rutgers University; Lara Brindisi, Rutgers University; Jean Marie Hartman, Rutgers University
 Impacts of forest structure on watershed performance
Lara Brindisi, Rutgers University; Deirdre Casey, Rutgers University; Jean Marie Hartman, Rutgers University
 Occurrence and quantification of the age-pigment lipofuscin in two important commercial shrimp species of southern Brazil: Pleoticus muelleri (Decapoda: Solenoceridae) and Xyphopenaeus kroyeri (Decapoda: Penaeid)
PFS Prata, Federal University of Rio Grande; D. Martins, Federal University of Pelotas; D. Fonseca, Federal University of Rio Grande; Lfc. Dumont, Federal University of Rio Grande
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