PS 103
Latebreaking: Population Ecology

Friday, August 14, 2015: 8:30 AM-10:30 AM
Exhibit Hall, Baltimore Convention Center
 Overcompensatory response to additional mortality as an effect of behavioral change
Kristina M. McIntire, Illinois State University; Steven A. Juliano, Illinois State University
 Sudden, sustained local extinction synchronizes adjacent populations in experimental population networks
Megan K. Lamkin, University of Cincinnati; Edna S. Kaneshiro, University of Cincinnati; Stephen F. Matter, University of Cincinnati
 A study of nesting diamondback terrapins (Malaclemys terrapin) at three locations in coastal New Jersey
Sarah A. Moss, Saint Joseph's University; Scott McRobert, Saint Joseph's University
 Do changes in size class composition influence ontogenetic niche shifts in American alligators?
Abigail J. Lawson, Clemson University; Patrick G. Jodice, United States Geological Survey
 The effect of urbanization on host-parasitoid interactions of a forest defoliator
Abigail J. Nelson, Virginia Commonwealth University; Derek M. Johnson, Virginia Commonwealth University
 Continued changes in temperature and soil moisture influence the plant and soil feedback dynamics of native and non-native tallgrass prairie grasses
Katherine L. Zaiger, Oklahoma State University; Gail W.T. Wilson, Oklahoma State University; Karen R. Hickman, Oklahoma State University; James D. Bever, Indiana University
 The distribution of birth and death in Daphnia magna: Implications for stochastic models
Geoffrey Legault, University of Colorado, Boulder; Caroline M. Tucker, University of Colorado, Boulder; Brett A. Melbourne, University of Colorado at Boulder
 Herbivory drives a genetic bottleneck but not a demographic one in the rare plant Calochortus tiburonensis
Devon Thrumston, Mills College; Sarah M. Swope, Mills College; Julia Harencar, Mills College; Geneva Lee, Mills College
 Disturbance allows persistence of engagnered plants in coastal sand dunes
Eleanor A. Pardini, Washington University in St. Louis; Tiffany M Knight, Washington University in St. Louis; Kyle E Vickstrom, Washington University in St. Louis
 Home-range scale's attributes limiting the habitat selection pattern on magellanic woodpecker
Gerardo E. Soto, Universidad de Santiago de Chile; Pablo M. Vergara, Universidad de Santiago de Chile; Ingo Hahn, Munich University; Christian Perez-Hernandez, Universidad de Santiago de Chile
 Recovery of an alpine Bombus community following drought-mediated population contractions
Leigh Rimmer, Appalachian State University; Jennifer C. Geib, Appalachian State University
 Spatial scale changes density dependence in the clonal plant Asclepias syriaca
Mary D. Seward, College of William and Mary; Harmony J. Dalgleish, College of William and Mary; Abigail Kula, Mount St. Mary's University
 Population dynamics of Euterpe edulis along a short altitudinal gradient
Aline Cavalcante de Souza, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro; Rita de Cássia Quitete Portela, UFRJ; Eduardo A. de Mattos, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
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