SYMP 13 - Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics in Anthropocene Ecosystems

Wednesday, August 10, 2016: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Floridian Blrm BC, Ft Lauderdale Convention Center
Jacqueline Mohan, University of Georgia
Richard P. Shefferson, University of Tokyo; and Jianwu Tang, Marine Biological Laboratory
Jacqueline Mohan, University of Georgia
Eco-Evolutionary dynamics - the interaction between an organism’s environment and its evolutionary history or genetics - have long been investigated in the context of current and past environmental conditions. Eco-Evolutionary interactions have also arose as recent renewed interests in ecology including ecosystem ecology. Novel future and emerging current conditions of the Anthropocene make this research even more vital. This Symposium seeks to present the state of the science in eco-evolutionary investigations, encompass broad spatial and temporal scales covering paleo- to future conditions, and synthesize emerging organismal and ecosystem responses to global change. These presentations will have relevance for ecological forecasting, conservation, and management of Earth’s species and systems. This symposium will integrate plant, animal, and microbial eco-evolutionary dynamics across a range of terrestrial ecosystems, research approaches, and global change factors. We will synthesize findings from evolutionary, community, ecosystem and physiological ecological perspectives. Projecting how species will be impacted by changing environmental conditions, the potential for evolution to affect these impacts, and the consequences for future ecosystems is critical for science and society at large. The ultimate goal is to synthesize the state of eco-evolutionary science in the context of a changing planet to better inform scientists, managers and policy makers to forecast and conserve organisms and ecosystems in the age of the Anthropocene.
1:30 PM
 Ecosystem processes in the age of antibiotics
Michael S. Strickland, Virginia Tech; Brian Badgley, Virginia Tech; John E. Barrett, Virginia Polytechnic and State University; Carl J. Wepking, Virginia Polytechnic and State University; Matt Hedin, Virginia Tech; Kevin Eliason, Virginia Tech; Kathrine Knowlton, Virginia Tech
2:00 PM
 Evolutionary trade-offs in responses of decomposers to global warming: A field experiment in boreal forest
Kathleen K. Treseder, University of California, Irvine; Yevgeniy Marusenko, University of California, Irvine; Adriana L. Romero-Olivares, University of California, Irvine; Mia R. Maltz, University of California, Irvine
3:00 PM
3:10 PM
3:40 PM
 Adaptive and non-adaptive eco-evolutionary dynamics
Gregor F. Fussmann, McGill University
4:10 PM
 Local adaptation in the context of climate change
Jill T. Anderson, University of Georgia; Susana Wadgymar, University of Georgia
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