WK 33 - Science Communication Mentoring and Project Review

Tuesday, August 9, 2016: 11:30 AM-1:15 PM
317, Ft Lauderdale Convention Center
Clarisse Hart, Harvard University
Bethann G. Merkle, Freelance Science Communications; Holly L. Menninger, North Carolina State University; and Molly G. Mehling, Chatham University
Recent ESA SciComm Section workshops have focused on learnable skills such as writing for the public, sketching, and using photographs to depict participants’ own ecological research. While such workshops are useful and popular, this year we respond to other needs identified by section members. This workshop provides opportunities for participants to a) receive one-on-one feedback about planned or ongoing communication products and outreach efforts, and b) network with professional science communicators. Panelists with expertise in photography, graphic design, writing, and audio/visual communication will deliver a micro-Ignite session, then meet with participants for individual sessions focused on either brainstorming or problem-solving, according to the participant’s goals. The workshop will conclude with a full-group Q&A/discussion.

Participants must pre-register and submit their materials via email or Dropbox (to hart3@fas.harvard.edu) at least one week before the workshop. Each participant may submit one item, choosing from the following: a 5-image portfolio, single poster or PowerPoint presentation, podcast, video, written piece (of no more than 750 words), or up to 3 pages of material/reflection on an outreach effort (in prep or completed). Pre-submission enables panelists to review participants’ work in advance, ensuring workshop discussions are efficient and targeted to participants’ specific goals. This workshop is not intended to provide career transition guidance for those looking to move into science journalism/photojournalism (we welcome those conversations at the SciComm section booth). Rather, it is for ecologists interested in assessing/reflecting on their skills and the communication potential of the work they currently do.

Registration Fee: $0

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