IGN 5 - Hacking Ecology 2.0: A Showcase of Open Tools for Data-Driven Ecology

Wednesday, August 10, 2016: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
316, Ft Lauderdale Convention Center
Andrew MacDonald, University of British Columbia
David LeBauer, University of Illinois
In this Ignite series, ecologists will share their enthusiasm for the tools they use and create to do research faster, more effectively, and in a more open way. There are many useful software tools available to ecologists, and more are being developed all the time. This can create a problem of discoverability: many ecologists are unaware of the existence of tools that are relevant to their work. In this session, speakers will give quick introductions to a favourite tool that they use and/or have created. This could be a website or data archive, a new or recently extended software package or a new lesson curriculum for Open Science education. The session will end with a discussion of the challenges and opportunities that arise from combining traditional ecological work with open, online tools.
 DataONE Search: Discovering online data
William Michener, University of New Mexico
 The open science and reproducible research course
Christie A. Bahlai, Michigan State University
 Apps for applied ecology
Joseph Simonis, Lincoln Park Zoo
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