PS 29 - Paleoecology

Thursday, August 11, 2016: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
ESA Exhibit Hall, Ft Lauderdale Convention Center
 Coprophilous fungi Sporormiella as a proxy for modern herbivores presence in the Neotropics
Marco Raczka, Florida Institute of Technology; Mark B. Bush, Florida Institute of Technology; Crystal N. McMichael, University of Amsterdam; Alexandra Folcik, Florida Institute of Technology
 Linking terrestrial anthropogenic impact to the status of the Baltic Sea during the last 3000 years in SE Sweden
Christine M. Åkesson, Florida Institute of Technology; Anne Birgitte Nielsen, Lund University; Anna Broström, Swedish National Heritage Board; Björn E. Berglund, Lund University; Wenxin Ning, Lund University; Helena Filipsson, Lund University
 Resilience of an Amazonian pristine forest during the Late Holocene
Majoi de Novaes Nascimento, Florida Institute of Technology
 Fossil diatoms and lake level: A 130,000-year record from Central Panama
Courtney R. Shadik, Florida Institute of Technology; Guaria M. Cardenes Sandi, University of Costa Rica; Mark B. Bush, Florida Institute of Technology
 Pleistocene megafaunal population collapse in the high Andes
Angela Rozas-Davila, Florida Institute of Technology; Bryan Valencia, Florida Institute of Technology; Mark B. Bush, Florida Institute of Technology
 Climate change in Michigan paleoecosystems: Vegetation shifts and fire regime
Rachel K. Sales, Florida Institute of Technology; Crystal McMichael, University of Amsterdam; Mark B. Bush, Florida Institute of Technology
 Altered biotic interactions in the Anthropocene: A 3.5 MYR baseline of gastropod drilling predation from the eastern Gulf of Mexico
Kaydee J. West, University of South Florida; Gregory S. Herbert, University of South Florida; Kirill Smirnov, University of South Florida
 Deep time influences on modern distributions and associations of ectomycorrhizal hosts and fungi
Brian J. Pickles, University of Reading; R.W. Mathewes, Simon Fraser University; Jason Pither, University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus
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