COS 9 - Modeling

Monday, August 8, 2016: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
209/210, Ft Lauderdale Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Mobility affects consumer-resource interactions across space and time
Jing Jiao, University of Florida; Sergei S. Pilyugin, University of Florida; Mike Gil, University of California, Davis; Craig W. Osenberg, University of Georgia
1:50 PM Cancelled
 Model selection and assessment for multi-species occupancy models
Kristin M. Broms, Colorado State University; Mevin B. Hooten, Colorado State University; Ryan M. Fitzpatrick, Colorado Parks and Wildlife
2:10 PM
 Predicting transient population dynamics of species dependent on variable environmental conditions using a stochastic demographic model
Michael A. Tabak, USDA - APHIS; Ryan S. Miller, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
2:30 PM
 Predicting dynamic wading bird foraging habitat in a pulsed ecosystem
Michelle L. Petersen, Florida Atlantic University; Dale E. Gawlik, Florida Atlantic University
2:50 PM
 The reliability of different analytic methods in the analysis of shark populations
Geoffrey J. Osgood, University of Victoria; Julia K. Baum, University of Victoria; Easton R White, University of California - Davis
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 A null biogeographic test for assessing ecological niche evolution
Laura A. Nunes, Natural History Museum; Richard Pearson, University College London
3:40 PM
 Determining habitat quality for species that demonstrate dynamic habitat selection
James M. Beerens, U.S. Geological Survey; Peter C. Frederick, University of Florida; Erik G. Noonburg, Florida Atlantic University; Dale E. Gawlik, Florida Atlantic University
4:00 PM
 Modeling the impacts of ENSO on the methane emissions of tropical wetlands
Changhui Peng, University of Quebec at Montreal; Qiuan Zhu, College of Forestry,Northwest A&F University
4:20 PM
 Model-based mean water budgets for the El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico
Liangxia Zhang, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology; Ge Sun, USDA Forest Service; Erika Cohen, USDA Forest Service; Decheng Zhou, Nanjing University of Information Science &Technology
4:40 PM Cancelled
 Diagnosing model uncertainty on terrestrial carbon cycle with field manipulative experiments
Jianyang Xia, East China Normal University; Yiqi Luo, University of Oklahoma; Anthony Walker, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Martin G. De Kauwe, Macquarie University; Kristina Luus, Dublin Institute of Technology; Anna B. Harper, UK Met Office; Bertrand Guenet, CNRS; Christiane Werner, University of Bayreuth; Xinjie Lu, CSIRO; Junyi Liang, University of Oklahoma; Lifen Jiang, University of Oklahoma; Ensheng Weng, Princeton University; Belinda E. Medlyn, Macquarie University; Sönke Zaehle, Max-Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry; Philippe Ciais, CNRS; Yingping Wang, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research; Richard Norby, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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