COS 2 - Climate Change: Ranges And Phenology I

Monday, August 8, 2016: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
305, Ft Lauderdale Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Patterns of bumble bee visitation and seed set across an elevational gradient in the context of climate change
Nicole E. Rafferty, Washington State University; Charlotte de Keyzer, University of Toronto; James D. Thomson, University of Toronto
1:50 PM
 Global patterns of phenology in semi-arid and savanna-type ecosystems: A meta-analysis
Kyla M. Dahlin, Michigan State University; Dominick Del Ponte, Michigan State University; Emily Setlock, Michigan State University; Ryan Nagelkirk, Michigan State University
2:10 PM
 Will changes in phenology track climate change? A study of growth initiation timing in coast Douglas-fir
Kevin R. Ford, USDA Forest Service; Constance A. Harrington, USDA Forest Service; Sheel Bansal, US Geological Survey; Peter J. Gould, USDA Forest Service; J. Bradley St. Clair, USDA Forest Service
2:30 PM
 Effects of altered precipitation on green-up phenology in coastal sage scrub
Ellen Esch, University of California - San Diego; David Lipson, San Diego State University; John B. Kim, USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station; Elsa Cleland, University of California - San Diego
2:50 PM
 Incorporating geographic variation in dispersal to better predict a species’ distribution under climate change
Elizabeth A. LaRue, Purdue University; Nancy C. Emery, University of Colorado Boulder; Mark R. Christie, Purdue University
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Assessing vulnerability to drought across dryland plant communities of the Western US
Erin L. Bunting, U.S. Geological Survey; Seth M. Munson, U.S. Geological Survey; John B. Bradford, U.S. Geological Survey; Caitlin M. Andrews, USGS
3:40 PM
 Determining the consequences of phenological shifts for plant-herbivore interactions: An experimental approach
Nick L Rasmussen, University of California-Davis; Louie H. Yang, University of California, Davis
4:00 PM Cancelled
 Assessing potential distributional changes of Pinus ponderosa through demographic rates across altitudinal gradients
Asier Herrero, Northern Arizona University; Thomas E. Kolb, Northern Arizona University
4:20 PM
 Ectomycorrhizal symbioses facilitated rapid post-glacial expansion of tree distributions
Jason Pither, University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus; Brian J. Pickles, University of Reading; Alejandro Ordonez, Aarhus University; John W. (Jack) Williams, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Suzanne W. Simard, University of British Columbia
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