COS 86 - Physiological Ecology I

Thursday, August 11, 2016: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Floridian Blrm A, Ft Lauderdale Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Heat wave delays the drought recovery of leaf physiology in Solanum lycopersicum seedlings
Honglang Duan, Nanchang Institute of Technology; Jianping Wu, Nanchang Institute of Technology; Wenfei Liu, Nanchang Institute of Technology; Yingchun Liao, Nanchang Institute of Technology; Houbao Fan, Nanchang Institute of Technology
1:50 PM
 Effects of different irrigation intervals on Populus sibirica’s growth in desertification area in Mongolia
Taeyoon Lee, University of Seoul; Suyoung Woo, University of Seoul; Hoduck Kang, Dongguk University; Khaulenbek Akhmadi, Desertification Research Center of Institute of Geoecology Mongolian Academy of Science; Myeongja Kwak, University of Seoul; Inkyin Khaine, Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry; Hana You, University of Seoul; Jihwi Jang, University of Seoul; Hyunkyung Lee, University of Seoul; Iereh Kim, University of Seoul; Haenaem Kim, University of Seoul
2:10 PM
 Effects of ecophysiology on predictions of organismal hydrogen and oxygen isotope composition
Hannah B. Vander Zanden, University of Utah; Michael B. Wunder, University of Colorado Denver; Gabriel J. Bowen, University of Utah
2:30 PM
 Changes in the composition and rate of exudation of metabolites from plant roots as influenced by the bioavailability of nutrients
Nimisha Edayilam, Clemson University; Brian Powell, Clemson University; Nishanth Tharayil, Clemson University
2:50 PM
 Impacts of leaf age and heat stress duration on NSC dynamics and physiological recovery from heat stress in Coffea arabica
Danielle E. Marias, Oregon State University; Frederick C. Meinzer, USDA Forest Service; Christopher Still, Oregon State University
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Is western yellow pine resin production driven by carbon or water resources?
Jason Maxfield, Portland State University; Nancy E. Grulke, USDA Forest Service; Andrew Graves, USDA Forest Service; Lori Nelson, USDA Forest Service; Steven Seybold, USDA Forest Service
4:00 PM
 Using “hydroscapes” to quantify the degree of iso- vs. anisohydric stomatal regulation of leaf water potential
Katherine A. McCulloh, The University of Wisconsin-Madison; Frederick Meinzer, USDA Forest Service; David R. Woodruff, USDA Forest Service; Ava R. Howard, Western Oregon University; Duncan D. Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Danielle E. Marias, Oregon State University; Alicia Magedman, Oregon State University
4:20 PM
 Scaling up transpiration from leaf to whole-plant with increasing canopy complexity using a time-series of high-resolution thermal infrared imagery
Gerald F M Page, Washington State University Vancouver; Matthew J Pruett, Washington State University Vancouver; Jean Lienard, Washington State University Vancouver; Nikolay Strigul, Washington State University Vancouver; Kevan B Moffett, Washington State University Vancouver
4:40 PM
 Antecedent soil moisture and VPD interactively control water potential and hydraulic thresholds in Larrea tridentata
Jessica S. Guo, Northern Arizona University; Kiona Ogle, Northern Arizona University
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