COS 37 - Urban Ecosystems II

Tuesday, August 9, 2016: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
Floridian Blrm D, Ft Lauderdale Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Plant species richness enhances nitrogen retention in green roof plots
Ishi Buffam, University of Cincinnati; Catherine E. Johnson, University of Cincinnati; Shelbye Schweinhart, University of Cincinnati
2:10 PM
 To bee or not to bee in the city: Bee (Anthophila) diversity partitioning in an urban setting
Gerardo R. Camilo, Saint Louis University; Paige A. Muñiz, Saint Louis University; Damon Hall, Saint Louis University; Rachel A. Brant, Saint Louis University
2:30 PM
 The effect of urbanization on the environmental characteristics of 81 ponds, a field study in metropole Flanders
Jessie Engelen, KU Leuven; Kristien Brans, KU Leuven; Andros Gianuca, KU Leuven; Fabio T. T. Hanashiro, KU Leuven; Caroline Souffreau, KU Leuven; Luc De Meester, KU Leuven
2:50 PM
 Temporal changes in vegetation assembly and soil metal pollution in an urban brownfield
Frank J. Gallagher, Rutgers University; Jason C. Grabosky, Rutgers University; Allyson B. Salisbury, Rutgers University
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Dietary shifts of Wood Storks in response to human-induced landscape change
Betsy A. Evans, Florida Atlantic University; Jessica A. Klassen, Florida Atlantic University; Dale E. Gawlik, Florida Atlantic University
3:40 PM
 Patterns and predictors of denitrification potentials in “accidental” urban wetlands in Phoenix, Arizona
Amanda K. Suchy, Arizona State University; Monica M. Palta, Arizona State University; Daniel L. Childers, Arizona State University; Juliet C. Stromberg, Arizona State University
4:00 PM
 The role of current land cover, land-use history, and within-land-cover variability on urban ecosystem service provision in Madison, WI
Carly Ziter, University of Wisconsin Madison; Monica G. Turner, University of Wisconsin, Madison
4:20 PM
 Landscape scale analyses on the effects of urban land covers on bat distributions in North Carolina
Han Li, University of North Carolina Greensboro; Katherine Caldwell, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission; Matina Kalcounis-Rueppell, University of North Carolina Greensboro
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