SYMP 16-6 - Global collaborations to solve global challenges

Thursday, August 10, 2017: 10:40 AM
Portland Blrm 253, Oregon Convention Center
Lucas Joppa, Microsoft, Redmond, WA

Human society is faced with an exceptional challenge to mitigate and adapt to changing climates, ensure resilient water supplies, and sustainably feed a population of 10 billion people - all while stemming a catastrophic loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Solutions will require unprecedented collaboration between industry, government, and the academic and nonprofit sectors. Building these bridges quickly is of utmost important as we we need more information, more frequently, and at greater resolution than what is currently available. The next global assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services won't be published until 2019 - nearly fifteen years after the last global assessment.


In this talk I will share my experience in collaboration models, across sectors and geographies, that can help move the world towards a more ongoing, sustained assessment process. In particular, I will highlight ways that the private sector can contribute, both in resources and expertise, to global environmental challenges.