IGN 11-4 - Status of the Marbled Murrelet: Influences of the trees and the seas

Tuesday, August 8, 2017
C123, Oregon Convention Center
Martin G. Raphael, PNW Research Station, USDA Forest Service, Olympia, WA, Gary A. Falxa, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Arcata, CA and Alan E. Burger, Department of Biology, University of Victoria, Merritt, BC, Canada
Populations of the threatened Marbled Murrelet are declining in Washington State, stable in Oregon, and increasing in northern California. Amount and pattern of older coniferous forest nesting habitat seems to drive murrelet abundance, and trend in the amount of that habitat is consistent with population trends. Forest habitat provides nest sites, but nest predation, due primarily to jays and crows, is also affected by forest conditions. Nearshore marine conditions affect abundance of murrelet prey (small fish and krill) and changes in the marine environment appear to also influence murrelet population status and trend.