IGN 4-5 - Actively engaging students as citizen sensors and ecological research network collaborators

Monday, August 7, 2017
C124, Oregon Convention Center
Danielle E. Garneau, SUNY Plattsburgh
Students in our classrooms are Digital Natives who connect with each other and the world via electronic devices. Embracing tech-centric tools allows faculty to better assess and engage ecology students. In large classes, assessment and active learning can be facilitated with online programs (e.g., Polleverywhere, AnswerGarden, and Jeopardy applets) gauging student understanding and preparing for examinations. With the help of smartphones and tablets, students become citizen sensors gathering data in real-time to address ecological questions. Likewise in labs, research experiences become accessible as students participate locally in Ecological Research as Education Network (EREN) projects comparing results with other collaborating campuses.