IGN 17-7 - Learning by doing: Ecologists jump into the deep end to shape cities

Wednesday, August 9, 2017
C123, Oregon Convention Center
Alex Felson, School of Architecture, Yale University, New Haven, CT and Caroline Dumont, Yale University, New Haven, CT
The nexus of ecology with urban design and regional planning are critical intersections where facilitating knowledge-to-action can promote resiliency. For ecologists to increase engagement, retooling ecological contributions and repositioning the ecologist in knowledge co-production with urban designers and city officials is necessary. Educational and real-world training for ecologists are limited. Here we present the Earth Stewardship Initiative (www.earthstewardshipinitiative.com), a forum for ecologist to learn the skills to bridge gaps between scientific knowledge and research methods through design. ESI is a novel urban land planning training forum embedded in the ESA annual meeting creating a forum for learning by doing.