SS 13 - Saving Historical Records: Challenges for Ecology and Its Historians in the 21st Century

Monday, August 7, 2017: 8:00 PM-10:00 PM
A106, Oregon Convention Center
Juliana C. Mulroy, Denison University
Sharon Kingsland, Johns Hopkins University; Alan P. Covich, University of Georgia; Charles H. Nilon, University of Missouri; Frederick J. Swanson, Oregon State University; and Thomas W. Mulroy, Leidos/Scientific Applications International Corporation
As we enter the 21stcentury, the importance of saving historical records for future scholars is vital. Please participate in a discussion of the challenges we face in preserving records of diverse kinds, hosted by the ESA's Historical Records Committee. Many kinds of records are needed for a full history of ecological disciplines. Examples include the records of long-term ecological projects; records relating to applied ecology (e.g., those generated by environmental consulting firms); and records relating to the teaching of ecology for different audiences. Paper, digital, photographic and film records await archiving, as well as photographic, specimen, and narrative records documenting the condition of specific places at specific times.

We invite conference attendees to share ideas about the opportunities and challenges involved in documenting the history not only of ESA, but also of ecology in all its diverse aspects. What records should we focus on preserving, and with what priority? What are the key obstacles to preservation and how can they be overcome? We envision this session as an opportunity to brainstorm and develop ideas about the future of the history of ecological science. We hope that ideas generated will engage with scientists and historians of science in equal measure, and prepare us for the challenges of 21st-century historical record-keeping. We invite participants to contribute ideas that will help ensure that future historians will be able to understand the range of practices and perspectives that make up the ecological sciences.

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