FT 2 - Field-to-Collection Bioblitz in Forest Park: Creating Lasting Records of Biodiversity

Saturday, August 5, 2017: 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
M.L. King Jr. Lobby, Oregon Convention Center
Katelin D. Pearson, iDigBio
Shelley A. James, iDigBio; Mandy Tu, Hoyt Arboretum and Herbarium; Deborah Paul, Florida State University; and Elizabeth R. Ellwood, Florida State University
Calling all ecologists! Portland’s Forest Park is the largest urban forest in the United States and home to the unique flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest, yet our understanding of its biodiversity, especially in disturbed areas, is incomplete. Join iDigBio (Integrated Digitized Biocollections) as we seek to fill this knowledge gap by collecting voucher specimens and their data along with observational records. As we hike through Forest Park, we will discuss best practices for collecting plant and insect specimen data. We will make biodiversity observations along the locally famous “Wildwood Trail” and the “BPA road” in Forest Park, both popular trails likely to host many native and exotic species. After a morning of observing and documenting biodiversity, we will enjoy lunch outdoors overlooking the beautiful Willamette River. We will then travel to the Hoyt Arboretum Herbarium, where local staff will introduce us to specimen preparation, curation, and digitization—the creation of digital metadata and images of specimens—and how natural history collections and ecology can mutually benefit each other. There should be time to explore the Hoyt Arboretum as well.

Registration Fee: $100

Equipment and Attire: Participants should wear comfortable hiking attire and sturdy shoes appropriate for the weather. We will be hiking moderate to challenging terrain with some elevation change and potentially rocky and/or slippery footing. Participants are also encouraged to bring guidebooks or identification materials for Pacific Northwest wildlife if they have any, though sufficient materials will be provided. We also encourage participants to bring smartphones, tablets, cameras, GPS units, binoculars, and/or hand lenses to help observe and accurately document the occurrence of wildlife.

8:00 Meet at Convention Center
8:15 Leave for BPA road trailhead. During the drive, field trip leaders further explain purpose of trip and how we will collect data/specimens in the field.
8:45 Arrive at BPA road trailhead (9235 Northwest Skyline Boulevard, Portland, OR 97231, 45.592577 N, 122.814995 W)
9:00 Begin hiking (first along part of Wildwood Trail, making a loop toward the BPA road). Locally experienced naturalists point out notable Pacific Northwest wildlife.
10:00 Botanist(s) demonstrate(s) how to collect plant specimens and data
10:15 Entomologist(s) demonstrate(s) how to collect insect specimens and data
10:30 Participants split into teams and begin documenting and collecting plant and insect species
12:00 Lunch at the top of the BPA road
1:00 Begin hiking back to BPA road trailhead (along shorter route)
1:30 Get on bus to Hoyt Arboretum
2:00 Arrive at Hoyt Arboretum
2:10 Hoyt taxonomist explains specimen preparation, curation, digitization, and data mobilization
2:45 Participants free to ask questions, try out techniques, explore the collection, or briefly tour Hoyt Arboretum
4:00 Participants get on bus to return to convention center
4:30 Participants arrive at convention center

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