FT 9 - A Tour of Portland’s Ecoroofs Via Aerial Tram

Monday, August 7, 2017: 4:30 PM-7:30 PM
M.L. King Jr. Lobby, Oregon Convention Center
Olyssa Starry, Portland State University
Portland is known for its early adoption of stormwater management practices, and especially ecoroofs  This tour will visit a newer cluster of ecoroofs along the south waterfront and then take the aerial tram up to some older examples on the OHSU campus. After a tour of these roofs by local experts, ESA attendees and their guests can discuss the relationship between design and function of these systems in cities while overlooking several additional examples in the urban landscape until dusk. Local designers, ecologists, and maintenance staff will be on hand to convey information and answer questions.  We will also invite some key stormwater managers and planners in Portland to discuss policies and practices that influence implementation.

Registration Fee: $30

Equipment and Attire: No.

4:30 pm: Head from the convention center to the Portland State Center for Life Sciences Building
5 pm: The tour will begin around 5 pm at the south waterfront CLSB buildings.
6 pm: After discussing several examples there, the group will make an intermediate stop at Mirabell a Building
By 7 pm, we will head up to OHSU via aerial tram. Further discussion and touring will proceed until dusk. This is a great time of day for photography as well.
The group will disperse around 7:30 or so.

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