IGN 22 - Our Sinking Coasts: Sea Level Rise Effects on Coastal Ecosystem Services

Friday, August 11, 2017: 8:00 AM-9:30 AM
C123, Oregon Convention Center
Katherine Tully, University of Maryland
Keryn Gedan, George Washington University
Danielle Weissman, University of Maryland
The coastal zone is being irrevocably changed by sea level rise and saltwater intrusion, in ways that are both subtle and overt. Ecotones are on the move. Coastal and intertidal habitats are changing in areal extent and plant, animal, and microbial composition, as flood frequencies and salinity levels shift in response to climate change. Carbon storage in the coastal zone is being affected in complex ways as blue carbon ecosystems migrate into those that store terrestrial carbon, sometimes with sudden or unexpected shifts. Coastal forests, freshwater wetlands, and uplands are becoming more saline. Nitrogen is displaced from soils by saltwater and phosphorus locked in terrestrial soils is remobilized into estuaries. Speakers will highlight cases of observed and predicted changes in a variety of coastal ecosystems and regions, in cases that move from the micro- to macro- to landscape-scale. Each speaker will focus on an ecological change, when and where it is observed, and the implications of the change for the provision of ecosystem services. The end result will be a sweeping overview of coastal change due to sea level rise and saltwater intrusion and what it means for humanity.
 Coastal agroecosystems in transition: Saltwater intrusion and nutrient dynamics
Katherine Tully, University of Maryland; Keryn Gedan, George Washington University; Danielle Weissman, University of Maryland
 Optimal marsh restoration in barrier-backbarrier systems
Sunny Jardine, University of Washington; Jorge Lorenzo-Trueba, Montclair State University
 Raising with the rise: Socioecological responses to sea-level rise in South Florida
John Kominoski, Florida International University; Evelyn Gaiser, Florida International University; Kevin Grove, Florida International University; Marc Healy, Clark University; Rinku Roy Chowdhury, Clark University; Matthew Smith, Florida International University; Tiffany G. Troxler, Florida International University
 Novel plant communities in sea level rise-affected uplands
Keryn Gedan, George Washington University; Katherine Tully, University of Maryland
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