FT 10 - Ecology for Cities: Exploring Green Infrastructure in Portland

Tuesday, August 8, 2017: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM
M.L. King Jr. Lobby, Oregon Convention Center
Alex Felson, Yale University
Alexandra Hart, Seattle, WA; and Kerry Rubin, City of Portland
The role of ecological research in shaping sustainable cities is an increasing focus of urban ecology. Portland is one of the country’s leading cities in green infrastructure development. Though the Grey to Green initiative the city is successfully implementing green infrastructure such as green streets and eco-roofs. Green infrastructure benefits the city by reducing stormwater impacts, increasing habitat biodiversity, and creating more livable and healthy spaces within the city. This field trip will be an opportunity to tour local green infrastructure with City of Portland officials in the Bureau of Environmental Services and participate in a discussion of how research can be integrated into the design of these built environments to assess their ecological value in the urban context. This event is part of the Earth Stewardship Initiative (ESI) Demonstration Project and is a unique opportunity for ESA members, ESI graduate student fellows, and officials in the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services to collaborate on strategies to increase the ecological value of green infrastructure in Portland through designed experiments. Participants will discuss the successes and challenges of Portland’s green infrastructure from both an ecological and social perspective and brainstorm ways to integrate ecological research into the planning, design and monitoring of these sites and future green infrastructure projects.

Registration Fee: $70

Equipment and Attire: no

8:00 am leave Convention Center for City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (1120 SW 5th Ave)
8:15 am Meet with experts from the Sustainable Stormwater Program and Watershed Services
10:00 am visit selected green infrastructure sites (Tabor to the River green street, Montgomery green street, Multnomah County or Hamilton Apartment Green Roof, Crystal Springs Creek). Bag lunches on the bus.
1:00 pm return to Convention Center.

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