PS 46 - Restoration Ecology

Wednesday, August 9, 2017: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Oregon Convention Center
 Precision prairie reconstruction (PPR): 15-year case study results for sustaining forb species richness and diversity in restorations
Carolyn E. Grygiel, North Dakota State University; Jack E. Norland, North Dakota State University; Mario E. Biondini, North Dakota State University
 Plant and soil microbial community composition in response to seeding and weeding treatments on different reclamation soils
Leah A. deBortoli, Natural Resources Canada; Edith Li, Natural Resources Canada; Brad D. Pinno, Natural Resources Canada; M. Derek MacKenzie, University of Alberta
 No impact of white-tailed deer and invasive plant management on spider diversity and composition in a post-agricultural woodland
Christopher W. Habeck, Kutztown University; Lauren Fierman, Kutztown University; Margot Shrift, Kutztown University
 Seed dispersal in a novel Hawaiian ecosystem: Can mutualisms between exotic birds and endangered flora be cultivated?
Sean Erroll MacDonald, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Jinelle Hutchins Sperry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Michael Patrick Ward, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; H. Kapua Kawelo, U.S. Army Garrison Hawai'i
 Structure and function of dung beetle communities in response to grazing and prescribed fire in restored tallgrass prairie
Nicholas A. Barber, Northern Illinois University; Peyton Whiston, Northern Illinois University; Holly P. Jones, Northern Illinois University
 Impacts of early restoration processes on small mammals in a western tall grass prairie in Clay County, Minnesota
Elisabeth C. Teige, Minnesota State University Moorhead; Sarah S. Sanderson, Minnesota State University Moorhead; Jessica L. Loffler, Minnesota State University Moorhead; Miranda J. Sater, Minnesota State University Moorhead; Jessica M. Lindstrom, Minnesota State University Moorhead; Donna M. Bruns Stockrahm, Minnesota State University Moorhead
 Effects of hardwood removal on transpiration in a longleaf pine ecosystem
Steven Brantley, Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center; O. Stribling Stuber, Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center; Brandon Rutledge, Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center; Steven B. Jack, Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center
 Yellowstone under seige: Slowing the march of invaders
Shannon L Dillard, Montana State University; Anthony S. Hartshorn, Montana State University
 Native meadow restoration success and functional diversity
Keri A. Plevniak, Cleveland State University; Emily S. J. Rauschert, Cleveland State University
 Ecological restoration of abandoned buffelgrass pastures in Central Sonora, Mexico
Rosangélica Rosas-Becerra, Universidad Estatal de Sonora; Ortega-Rosas Carmen, Universidad estatal de sonora; Francisco Molina-Freaner, Estación Regional del Noroeste, Instituto de Ecología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; Daniel Morales-Romero, Universidad Estatal de Sonora
 Carbon sequestration in wetlands: A comparison of carbon stored at different aged wetlands
Ankit Srinivas, California State University, East-bay; Jennifer E. Johnson, Carnegie Institution for Science; Charlotte Yandell Stanton, Carnegie Institution for Science; Mitchell Craig, California State University, East-bay; Max Burnham, California State University, East-bay; Patty Oikawa, California State University, East Bay
 Changes in native and exotic species richness on exposed sediments following large dam removal on the Elwha River, Washington
Olivia A Morgan, Eastern Washington University; Rebecca L. Brown, Eastern Washington University; Jarrett Schuster, Eastern Washington University; Patrick B. Shafroth, US Geological Survey
 Growing desert phreatophytes to control flow of contaminated groundwater at a uranium mill site
William J. Waugh, Navarro Research and Engineering, Inc.; Edward P. Glenn, University of Arizona; David Moore, University of Arizona; Pamela L Nagler, US Geological Survey; Richard P. Bush, US Department of Energy; Mark Kautsky, US Department of Energy
 What doesn't kill you makes you stronger: Effects of prescribed fire on the larval host plants of a remnant regal fritillary butterfly population
George C. Adamidis, Temple University; Mark T. Swartz, Fort Indiantown Gap National Guard Training Center; Konstantina Zografou, Temple University; Brent J. Sewall, Temple University
 Seed germination in Camassia: Do habitat, species, and stratification techniques matter?
Claire N. Jorgensen, Willamette University; Susan Kephart, Willamette University
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