PS 3 - Biogeochemistry: Biogeo Patterns Along Environmental Gradients

Monday, August 7, 2017: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Oregon Convention Center
 Changes in isotopic composition of SOM in response to burning and grazing in the tallgrass prairie
R. Kent Connell, Kansas State University; Jesse Nippert, Kansas State University; John M. Blair, Kansas State University
 Photosynthesis under rocks: Hypolith distribution across the Namib Desert rainfall gradient
Brittney D. Monus, Arizona State University; Elise Nghalipo, Namibia University of Science and Technology; Vimbai Marufu, Namibia University of Science and Techology; Heather L. Throop, Arizona State University
 Development of a step-wise soil protein extraction protocol for assessment of 15N-labeled plant protein turnover
C. Armanda Roco, Oregon State University; Kristin Kasschau, Oregon State University; Robert L. Hettich, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Markus Kleber, Oregon State University; Ryan Mueller, Oregon State University; David D. Myrold, Oregon State University
 Nitrogen cycle recovery in Atlantic Forest of southern Bahia, Brasil following agricultural abandonment
Lovinia S.F. Reynolds, Brown University; Aida Feng, Brown University; Joy Winbourne, Brown University
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