PS 32 - Climate Change

Wednesday, August 9, 2017: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Oregon Convention Center - Open source platform to dissemiate microclimate data
Aji John, University of Washington; Lauren B. Buckley, University of Washington; Ofir Levy, Arizona State University
 Effects of climate change on non-native amphibian species and their interactions with native amphibians
Karli McIntyre, Gonzaga University; Ondraya Romero, Gonzaga University; Megan Lantsberger, Gonzaga University; Bridget Eastwood, Gonzaga University; Betsy A. Bancroft, Gonzaga University
 The effects of climate change on the spatial and temporal autocorrelation of temperature
Grace J. Di Cecco, Northeastern University; Tarik C. Gouhier, Northeastern University
 Population dynamics of Appalachian Brown butterflies (Lethe appalachia) under increased temperatures
Elsita Kiekebusch, NC State University; Brian Hudgens, Institute for Wildlife Studies; Nick M. Haddad, North Carolina State University
 Estimation of canopy water interception of a near-tropical montane cloud forest in Taiwan
Basant Apurva, Lakeside School; Cho-ying Huang, National Taiwan University; Zhang Jun, National Taiwan University
 Investigating the effects of drought on vector-born parasite prevalence and diversity
Allison Neal, Norwich University; Joshua Sassi, Norwich University; Joseph Schall, University of Vermont; Anne Vardo-Zalik, Pennsylvania State University
 Warming exacerbated impact of extreme drought on carbon cycle in tallgrass prairie
Chang Gyo Jung, University of Oklahoma; Lifen Jiang, University of Oklahoma; Yiqi Luo, University of Oklahoma
 Continued tree die-off driven by prolonged drought and heat in Southwest pinyon-juniper woodlands
Michael J. Clifford, Desert Research Institute; Miranda D. Redmond, Colorado State University; Paulette L. Ford, USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station; Neil S. Cobb, Northern Arizona University
 Rapid shifts in soil hydraulic properties in response to simulated rainfall
Joshua S. Caplan, Rutgers University; Daniel Giménez, Rutgers University; Daniel R. Hirmas, University of Kansas; Nathaniel A. Brunsell, University of Kansas; John M. Blair, Kansas State University; Alan K. Knapp, Colorado State University
 Environmental drivers of egg size in northern rockhopper penguins
Maggie A. Sawdy, Michigan State University; Connie A. Rojas, Michigan State University; Tracy M. Montgomery, Michigan State University; Eli D. Strauss, Michigan State University; Tracy Swem, Michigan State University; Alexander Bond, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds; Christie A. Bahlai, Michigan State University
 Climate change increases the susceptibility of the US Corn Belt to flooding damage, potentially affecting more than half of the region’s cultivated land
Robert F. Paul, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Evan H. DeLucia, Institute for Genomic Biology
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