PS 50 - Communities: Disturbance And Recovery

Thursday, August 10, 2017: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Oregon Convention Center
 Impact of burn severity on plant community composition, diversity, and fuels in mixed conifer forests ten years post-fire
Eva Strand, University of Idaho; Kevin Satterberg, Spokane County ISD; Andrew Hudak, USDA Forest Service; Darcy Hammond, University of Idaho; Alistair Smith, University of Idaho
 Deer induced intermediate disturbance increases forest canopy structural complexity
Samuel P. Reed, The Ohio State University; Alexander T. Fotis, The Ohio State University; Charles E. Flower, University of Illinois at Chicago; Alejandro A. Royo, USDA Forest Service; Kathleen S. Knight, USDA Forest Service; Roger A. Williams, The Ohio State University; Peter S. Curtis, The Ohio State University
 Plant community and soil chemistry responses to invasive shrub removal techniques in hardwood forests
Graham S. Frank, Purdue University; Michael R. Saunders, Purdue University; Michael A. Jenkins, Purdue University
 Effects of tephra on vegetation in Iceland: A palynological perspective
Sigrún Dögg Eddudóttir, University of Iceland; Egill Erlendsson, University of Iceland; Guðrún Gísladóttir, University of Iceland
 Forecasting community recovery from drought using competitive responses of seedlings under facilitated conditions
Natasha N. Woods, The Ohio State University; Maria N. Miriti, The Ohio State University; Ryan L. McCarthy, The Ohio State University
 Why do herbivores forage less where their food is dense? A troubling positive feedback loop on coral reefs
Joshua A. Idjadi, Eastern Connecticut State University; Sarah L. Salois, Northeastern University; Megan Barnes, Eastern Connecticut State University; Chelsea Brisson, Eastern Connecticut State University
 Plant community assessment of interstate natural gas pipeline rights-of-way in northeastern Pennsylvania, USA
Jenna Youkoski, Wilkes University; Cassidy Heid, Wilkes University; Kenneth M. Klemow, Wilkes University
 Novel species associations found in endangered juvenile black abalone on a California Channel Island, San Nicolas Island
Suzanne Graham, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific; Brian Hong, Cabrillo National Monument; Jessica Bredvik, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest; Samantha Mutschler, Cabrillo National Monument; Colleen S. Nell, University of California, Irvine; Alexandria Warneke, National Park Service; William Hoyer III, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest
 A multiscale comparison of ant biodiversity in restored and remnant cedar glades reveals a missing component of community structure
Daniel J. McGlinn, College of Charleston; Xiao Xiao, University of Maine; Nicholas J. Gotelli, University of Vermont; Brian McGill, University of Maine; Jonathan M. Chase, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv); Felix May, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv); Tiffany Knight, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
 The impact of density-dependent chemical secretions in the Tribolium model system
Marissa Ann Bullock, University of Colorado Boulder; Geoffrey Legault, University of Colorado, Boulder; Brett A. Melbourne, University of Colorado at Boulder
 Do Quercus ilex woodlands undergo abrupt non-linear changes in soil properties and vegetation in response to climatic variation and human disturbance?
Patricio Garcia Fayos Poveda, Desertification Research Centre (CSIC-UV-GV); Esther Bochet, Desertification Research Center (CSIC-UV-GV); María J. Molina, Desertification Research Center (CSIC-UV-GV); Tiscar Espigares, University of Alcalá de Henares; Jose M. Nicolau, University of Zaragoza; Mariano Moreno de las Heras, Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research IDAEA (CSIC); Vicente J. Monleon, USDA Forest Service
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