PS 57 - Herbivory: Plant Defenses

Thursday, August 10, 2017: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Oregon Convention Center
 Herbivore resistance of Nothofagus species during Ormiscodes amphimone outbreaks in Patagonia
Tomás I. Fuenzalida, Centro de Investigación en Ecosistemas de la Patagonia (CIEP), Coyhaique, Chile; Frida I. Piper, Centro de Investigación en Ecosistemas de la Patagonia (CIEP)
 What effect does temperature have on density of milkweed herbivores in the Yakima Valley
Zachary Parker, Yakima Valley College; Meghan R Fitzgerald, Yakima Valley College; Philip G. Hahn, University of Montana
 Effects of red oak foliar phenolics on gypsy moth larval growth and consumption
Brian Rehill, U.S. Naval Academy; Adam Hammer, United States Naval Academy; Amy Krick, United States Naval Academy
 Long-term developmental trajectories in herbivore defense in a foundation tree species
Olivia L. Cope, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Eric L. Kruger, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Kennedy F. Rubert-Nason, Madison Area Technical College; Richard L. Lindroth, University of Wisconsin-Madison
 Plant responses to simultaneous herbivory and precipitation variation reveals the complexity of plant-herbivore interactions in changing environments
Ernane H. M. Vieira-Neto, University of Florida; Fabiane M. Mundim, University of Nevada, Reno; Hans T. Alborn, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Emilio M. Bruna, University of Florida
 From pods to populations: Variation in lupine seed defense across scales
Megan L Blanchard, University of Colorado; M. Deane Bowers, University of Colorado
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