PS 18 - Arid And Semi-Arid Systems

Tuesday, August 8, 2017: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Oregon Convention Center
 Long-Term Phenology Datasets and the Environmental Data Initiative (EDI): Facilitating Future Data Syntheses
Kristin L. Vanderbilt, University of New Mexico; Karen W. Wright, Texas A&M University; David W. Inouye, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory; C. David Bertelsen, University of Arizona; Theresa Crimmins, USA National Phenology Network; Corinna Gries, University of Wisconsin; Mark Servilla, University of New Mexico; Margaret C O'Brien, University of California, Santa Barbara; Duane Costa, University of New Mexico; Robert Waide, University of New Mexico; Paul C. Hanson, University of Wisconsin; Colin A. Smith, University of Wisconsin
 Thermal behavior of the Saharan sand viper, Cerastes vipera (Viperidae)
Jaim Sivan, Achva Academic College; Itay Tesler, Ben-Gurion University; Hadas Boni, Achva Academic College; Michael Kam, Ben Gurion University; Allan A. Degen, Ben Gurion University; Avi Rosenstrauch, Achva Academic College
 Sapwell placement by Red-naped Sapsuckers on quaking aspen
James A Carriere, University of Idaho; Jamie Jarolimek, University of Idaho; Kerri T. Vierling, University of Idaho
 Altered forest nutrition in a warmer and drier world
Isaac Borrego, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Charlotte Grossiord, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Sanna Sevanto, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Adam D. Collins, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Lee T. Dickman, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Arthur Gessler, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL; Sasha C. Reed, U.S. Geological Survey; Leonie Schönbeck, Swiss Federal Research Institute; Nate G. McDowell, Los Alamos National Laboratory
 Native grassland declines and accelerated erosion in the ungrazed Paint Gap Hills of Southwest Texas
John A. Ludwig, LASR Consulting; Steven M. Wondzell, US Forest Service; Esteban H. Muldavin, Natural Heritage New Mexico; Rosalind Blanche, Land & Water, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; Yvonne Chauvin, University of New Mexico
 Red-naped sapsucker (Sphyrapicus nuchalis) preference for canopy cover and insect abundance on aspen trees (Populus tremuloides) in City of Rocks, Idaho
Erika Alvarado, Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program; Kerri T. Vierling, University of Idaho; Jamie Jarolimek, University of Idaho
 Red-naped sapsucker nest cavity selection in City of Rocks
Isabel Robles, University of Idaho; Jamie Jarolimek, University of Idaho; Kerri T. Vierling, University of Idaho
 Habitat associations of the threatened Sclerocactus wetlandicus: vegetation and soil characteristics
Janis L. Boettinger, Utah State University; Eugene W. Schupp, Utah State University; Jeanette M. Norton, Utah State University; Kourtney T. Harding, Utah State University; Jeremiah D. Armentrout, Utah State University
 Semi-arid ecosystem plant functional dissemination from small footprint waveform lidar
Nayani Ilangakoon, Boise State University; Nancy F. Glenn, Boise State University; Lucas Spaete, Boise State University; Hamid Dashti, Boise State University; Jessica Mitchell, Appalachian State University; Susan Ustin, Center for Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing; Yi Qi, University of California, Davis; Andrew Poley, Boise State University
 Demographic impacts of drought stress on spatially-aggregated plant populations
Ryan L. McCarthy, The Ohio State University; Maria N. Miriti, The Ohio State University
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