PS 29 - Urban Ecosystems

Tuesday, August 8, 2017: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Oregon Convention Center
 How to: a guide to urban ecology research on private property
Karen L. Dyson, University of Washington; Matthew Patterson, University of Washington; Carly Ziter, University of Wisconsin Madison; Tracy L. Fuentes, University of Washington
 Biophysical parameters and tree canopy cover across an urban suburban gradient: Patterns and relationships to prolonged drought
Tracy L. Benning, University of San Francisco; Mary L. Cadenasso, University of California, Davis; Bryn R. Montgomery, University of California, Davis
 Fine-scale urban vegetation patterns shape airborne microbial community composition
Gwynne Mhuireach, University of Oregon; Clarisse Betancourt, Van Andel Research Institute; Jessica L. Green, University of Oregon; Bart R. Johnson, University of Oregon
 The role of anthropogenic food sources in the diets of urban raccoons (Procyon lotor) and Virginia opossums (Didelphis virginiana) in the Pacific Northwest
Mairan Smith, University of Puget Sound; Peter H. Wimberger, University of Puget Sound; Mark J. Jordan, Seattle University; Kena Fox-Dobbs, University of Puget Sound
 Linking stormwater BMP implementation to resident socioeconomic status, knowledge, and attitudes in two suburban watersheds
P. Kanoko Maeda, University of Maryland; Paul T. Leisnham, University of Maryland; Victoria Chanse, University of Maryland; Amanda Rockler, University of Maryland; Hubert J. Montas, University of Maryland; Adel Shirmohammadi, University of Maryland; Sacoby Wilson, University of Maryland
 A pilot project to assess street tree condition and diversity in suburban New Jersey
Dirk Vanderklein, Montclair State University; Norhan Omran, Montclair State University; Doriann DelRosario, Montclair State University; Arianna Qira, Montclair State University; Nicholas D'Ambrosio, Montclair State University
 Plant biodiversity patterns and ecosystem functioning in various types of green infrastructure in Portland, Oregon
Michelle Talal, Oregon State University; Mary Santelmann, Oregon State University
 Comparability of the rainwater-retention capability on green roof based on multiple factors
Hongbing Wang, Shanghai Normal University; Jun Qin, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden; Yonghong Hu, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden
 Using MAPS Banding Stations to Characterize Bird Communities in Two Forest Fragments: Does Fragment Size Matter?
Aidan Mabey, SUNY New Paltz; Kara L. Belinsky, SUNY New Paltz; Laura Stark, SUNY New Paltz; Troy Ellick, SUNY New Paltz
 Unlocking the potential functions of urban soil microbial communities
Dietrich Epp Schmidt, University of Maryland; Richard V. Pouyat, USDA Forest Service; David Johannes Kotze, University of Helsinki; Katalin Szlavecz, Johns Hopkins University; Miklos Dombos, Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Heikki Setälä, University of Helsinki; Ian D. Yesilonis, USDA Forest Service; Sarel Cilliers, North-West University - Potchefstroom Campus; Elisabeth Hornung, Szent István University; Stephanie A. Yarwood, University of Maryland
 Does land cover predict avian nest box occupancy across a suburban campus?
Laura Stark, SUNY New Paltz; Kara L. Belinsky, SUNY New Paltz; Kelly Bade, SUNY New Paltz; Ciara Scully, SUNY New Paltz
 A multi-scale spatial pattern of drought-induced tree mortality and canopy opening from mixed forest patches in Memorial Park, Houston Texas
Xavier Jaime, Texas A&M University; Rosemary Dwight, Texas A&M University; Megna Murali, Texas A&M University; Cassidy Ince, Texas A&M University; Zheng Li, Texas A&M University; Ben Wu, Texas A&M University
 A Monarch Butterfly's View of the City: Estimating milkweed (Asclepias spp) abundance under existing and user-defined scenarios in four metropolitan areas
Mark K. Johnston, The Field Museum; Marc P. Lambruschi, The Field Museum; Erika M. Hasle, The Field Museum; Abigail Derby Lewis, The Field Museum
 Ecological ramifications of the foreclosure crisis on urban arthropod communities
Riley Andrade, Arizona State University; Susannah B. Lerman, USDA Forest Service; Paige S. Warren, University of Massachusetts; Heather L. Bateman, Arizona State University Polytechnic; Kelli L. Larson, Arizona State University; Julie Ripplinger, University of California
 Study on the Green Infrastructure for multifunctional use of open space in urban area
Shiori Takahashi, Toho University; Jun Nishihiro, Toho University
 Acer rubrum L. physiological and biochemical response to urbanization and plant invasion in urban forest fragments
Covel R. McDermot, University of Delaware; Nathaly Rodrigo, University of Delaware; Tara T.E. Trammell, University of Delaware
 Assessing urbanization and plant invasion pressures on the forest understory
Eric R. Moore, University of Delaware; Vincent D'Amico III, USDA Forest Service; Tara L.E. Trammell, University of Delaware
 Impact of land use and soil characteristics on carrion beetle abundance along an urban-rural gradient in northern Alabama
Hope Reamer, Samford University; Tori Mezebish, University of Maryland College Park; Grant Gentry, Samford University
 Contrasting water relations in two frequently occurring urban street trees
Sasha W. Eisenman, Temple University; Joshua S. Caplan, Temple University; Russell C. Galanti, Temple University; Stuart Olshevski, Temple University
 Barriers to urban forest recruitment: Seed predator preference and removal rates
Max R. Piana, Rutgers University; Steven N. Handel, Rutgers University; Myla FJ Aronson, Rutgers University; Peter J. Morin, Rutgers University
 Decadal resistance and resilience of the Los Angeles urban forest in response to drought and temperature stress
Dion C. Kucera, University of California; G. Darrel Jenerette, University of California
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