COS 86 - Forest And Rangeland Management

Wednesday, August 9, 2017: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
E145, Oregon Convention Center
8:00 AM
 Forest stand variables affecting break and uproot of trees after the occurrence of wind and snow damage
Olalla Díaz-Yáñez, University of Eastern Finland; Blas Mola-Yudego, Norwegian Institute of Bioenergy Research; José Ramón González-Olabarria, Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia (CTFC-CEMFOR); Timo Pukkala, University of Eastern Finland
8:20 AM
 Wind speed affects measurements of vertical growth of mature Picea glauca and confounds seasonal correlations with radial growth
Andrei Lapenas, State University of New York at Albany; George R. Robinson, State University of New York at Albany; Clare Gaffey, State University of New York at Albany
8:40 AM
 The boreal bird community response to understory protection harvesting in Alberta, Canada
Connor J Charchuk, University of Alberta; Erin M. Bayne, University of Alberta
9:20 AM
 Climatic and topographic conditions associated with dense, high basal area habitat in Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer forests
Malcolm North, USDA Forest Service; Jens T. Stevens, University of California; Brandon Collins, UC Berkeley; Solomon Dobrowski, University of Montana; Scott Stephens, University of California, Berkeley
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Evaluating microbial endophytes as an amendment for improving reforestation success
Matthew Aghai, University of Washington; Zareen Khan, University of Washington; Sharon Doty, University of Washington; Gregory J. Ettl, University of Washington
10:10 AM Cancelled
 Conservation of sacred groves of the Western Ghats: Contrast in perception among rural and urban neighborhood communities
U. Prashanth Ballulaya, Central University of Kerala; K Manoj, Central University of Kerala; T.P. Rajesh, Central University of Kerala; Margaret D. Lowman, California Academy of Sciences; Palatty Allesh Sinu, Central University of Kerala
10:30 AM
 Contemporary and historic fire regimes: The Pacific Northwest forests and fire severity project
Ryan D. Haugo, The Nature Conservancy; Bryce Kellogg, The Nature Conservancy; C. Alina Cansler, USDA Forest Service; Kerry B. Kemp, The Nature Conservancy; Jamie Robertson, The Nature Conservancy; Kerry L. Metlen, The Nature Conservancy in Oregon; Nicole Vaillant, USDA Forest Service; Christina Restaino, UC Davis; Crystal Kolden, University of Idaho
10:50 AM
 Female age and forest composition influence fisher (Pekania pennanti) reproductive success
Sean M. Matthews, Oregon State University; David S. Green, Oregon State University; J. Mark Higley, Hoopa Valley Tribe; Rebecca E. Green, University of California Davis; Kerry M. Rennie, Yurok Tribe; Caylen Cummins, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Fellow
11:10 AM
 A meta-analysis of historical tree patterns in frequent fire forests of interior Oregon and Washington
Derek Churchill, University of Washington; Andrew J. Larson, University of Montana; Sean M.A. Jeronimo, University of Washington; Miles E. LeFevre, University of Washington; Van R. Kane, University of Washington; Gunnar C. Carnwath, USDA Forest Service
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