COS 65 - Modeling: Communities, Disturbance, Succession I

Tuesday, August 8, 2017: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
B113, Oregon Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Interpreting climate, disturbance, and management interactions on greening trends in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Kristen D. Emmett, Montana State University; Katherine M. Renwick, Montana State University; Benjamin Poulter, Montana State University
1:50 PM
 Roads to recovery: A temporally and spatially explicit model of coral growth, disturbance and resilience on the Great Barrier Reef
Samuel A. Matthews, ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies; Camille Mellin, Australian Institute of Marine Science; M. Aaron MacNeil, Australian Institute of Marine Science; Marji Puotinen, Australian Institute of Marine Science
2:10 PM
 The implications of American chestnut re-introduction on landscape dynamics and carbon storage
Douglass F Jacobs, Purdue University; Eric J. Gustafson, U.S. Forest Service; Arjan de Bruijn, Purdue University; Nathanael Lichti, Purdue University; Brian R. Sturtevant, U.S. Forest Service; Jane R. Foster, University of Minnesota; Brian R. Miranda, U.S. Forest Service; Harmony J. Dalgleish, College of William and Mary
2:30 PM Cancelled
 How disturbance, competition and dispersal interact to prevent tree range boundaries from keeping pace with climate change
Yu Liang, Institute of Applied Ecology; Jonathan R. Thompson, Harvard University; Matthew Duveneck, Harvard University; Eric J. Gustafson, U.S. Forest Service; Josep M. Serra-Diaz, Harvard University
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
3:40 PM
 Modeling hurricane disturbance under climate change: Applications to plant populations
Diana C. Rypkema, Stanford University; Carol C. Horvitz, University of Miami; Shripad Tuljapurkar, Stanford University
4:00 PM
 Patterns and controls of water-use efficiency in an old-growth coniferous forest: analysis of fluxes and an ecosystem model
Yueyang Jiang, Oregon State University; Christopher Still, Oregon State University; John B. Kim, USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station; Bharat Rastogi, Oregon State University; Steve Voelker, Utah State University; Frederick C. Meinzer, USDA Forest Service
4:20 PM
 Predicting and describing the spatial differentiation in community composition of forest birds in a managed forested landscape
Bryce T. Adams, The Ohio State University; Stephen N. Matthews, The Ohio State University
4:40 PM
 The inclusion of positive interactions in modeling the niche space of desert annuals
Alessandro Filazzola, York University; Diego A. Sotomayor, York University; Christopher Lortie, York University
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