COS 4 - Climate Change: Plants I

Monday, August 7, 2017: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
B118-119, Oregon Convention Center
1:30 PM Cancelled
 Vegetation responses to experimental climate change may be driven by plant-soil feedbacks in a semiarid shrubland ecosystem
Lupe León-Sánchez, Queen's University Belfast; José I. Querejeta, Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura (CEBAS-CSIC); Emilio Nicolás, Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura (CEBAS-CSIC); Iván Prieto, Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura (CEBAS-CSIC); Sara Ondoño, Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura (CEBAS-CSIC); Fernando T. Maestre, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos; Carlos García-Izquierdo, Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura (CEBAS-CSIC)
1:50 PM
 Mean-state experiments underestimate the impact of ocean acidification on calcification
Annaliese Hettinger, Oregon State University; Francis Chan, Oregon State University; Allison K. Barner, University of California; Sally D. Hacker, Oregon State University; Karina J. Nielsen, San Francisco State University; Bruce A. Menge, Oregon State University
2:10 PM
 Increased water deficit decreases Douglas-fir growth throughout western US forests
Christina Restaino, UC Davis; David L. Peterson, USDA Forest Service; Jeremy S. Littell, USGS
2:30 PM
 Mechanisms mediating drought resistance in aseasonal tropical forests
Michael J. O'Brien, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
2:50 PM
 Drought sensitivity of temperate forests: results from two throughfall removal experiments superimposed on the 2016 drought in New Hampshire
Heidi Asbjornsen, University of New Hampshire; Katie A. Jennings, University of New Hampshire; Cameron McIntire, University of New Hampshire; Adam P. Coble, Michigan Technological University; Matthew A. Vadeboncoeur, University of New Hampshire; Andrew B. Reinmann, Boston University; Pamela H. Templer, Boston University; John L. Campbell, USDA Forest Service; Lindsey E. Rustad, USDA Forest Service
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Hydrologic refugia for establishment of the keystone saguaro cactus during drought
Daniel E. Winkler, University of California, Irvine; Joshua L. Conver, University of Cincinnati; Travis E. Huxman, University of California, Irvine; Don E. Swann, National Park Service
3:40 PM
 The role of physiology in adaptational lag of Eriophorum vaginatum in Alaska's moist tussock tundra
Jessica L. Schedlbauer, West Chester University; Ned Fetcher, Wilkes University; Katherine Hood, West Chester University; Michael L. Moody, The University of Texas at El Paso; Jianwu Tang, Marine Biological Laboratory
4:00 PM
 Strong resistance of prairie plant community to droughts of varied timing and length
Laura Weber Ploughe, Purdue University; Jeffrey S. Dukes, Purdue University
4:20 PM
 Feedbacks between microclimate and woody encroachment in coastal grassland
Lauren K Wood, Virginia Commonwealth University; Julie C. Zinnert, Virginia Commonwealth University; Spencer Hays, Virginia Commonwealth University; Donald Young, Virginia Commonwealth University
4:40 PM
 Learning from the recent pPast: Modelling present suitability of Cross Timbers
William Hammond, Oklahoma State University; Henry D. Adams, Oklahoma State University; Monica Papes, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Stephen W. Hallgren, Oklahoma State University; Alissa J. Freeman, Oklahoma State University
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