COS 106 - Competition

Wednesday, August 9, 2017: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
C122, Oregon Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Population density alters per capita energy use: An energetic explanation of density-dependent growth
Giulia Ghedini, Monash University; Craig R. White, Monash University; Dustin J. Marshall, Monash University
1:50 PM
 Microbiome assembly dynamics in healthy and diseased corals
Courtney M. Dunphy, Northeastern University; Tarik C. Gouhier, Northeastern University; Steven Vollmer, Northeastern Unviversity
2:10 PM
 Does competition on water affect the decline of the conifer in Mt. Baegun, Korea?
HoonTaek Lee, Seoul National University; Wookyung Song, Seoul National University; MinSu Lee, Seoul National University; Boknam Lee, Seoul National University; Sungsik Cho, Seoul National University; Juhan Park, Seoul National University; Lee Man Mun, Seoul National University Forest; Seon Hee Cho, Seoul National University Forest; Sung-Jae Lee, Seoul National University Forest; Hyun Seok Kim, Seoul National University
2:30 PM
 Quantifying impacts of varying levels of liana infestation on tree growth in a Neotropical forest
Maria Elizabeth Rodriguez-Ronderos, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee; Stefan A. Schnitzer, Marquette University
2:50 PM
 Competition sets upper and lower elevational range limits of burying beetles (Nicrophorus nepalensis)
Shih-Fan Chan, Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taiwan; Wei-Kai Shih, National Cheng Kung University; An-Yu Chang, Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taiwan; Sheng-Feng Shen, Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taiwan; I-Ching Chen, National Cheng Kung University
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Plant strategies of nitrogen acquisition in a frequently-disturbed, pyrogenic system
Cari D. Ficken, Duke University; Justin P. Wright, Duke University
4:00 PM
 Apparent competition through granivores impacts plant coexistence
William K. Petry, ETH Zurich; Nathan J. B. Kraft, University of California, Los Angeles; Gaurav Kandlikar, University of California Los Angeles; Oscar Godoy, Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiología de Sevilla (IRNAS); Jonathan M. Levine, ETH Zurich
4:20 PM
 Insights into the role of phosphorus partitioning in plant species coexistence
Mariana Gliesch, ETH Zurich; Sabine Güsewell, ETH Zurich; Jonathan M. Levine, ETH Zurich
4:40 PM
 Competition for vitamin B1 (thiamine) structures numerous ecological interactions
Clifford E. Kraft, Cornell University; Esther R. Angert, Cornell University; David Sannino, Cornell University; Binbin Wang, Cornell University
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