COS 20 - Physiology I

Monday, August 7, 2017: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
D138, Oregon Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Intra-organismal variation in xylem and phloem conduit structure in poplar trees
Jessica Valdovinos-Ayala, California State University, Bakersfield; Anna L. Jacobsen, California State University, Bakersfield
2:10 PM
 Are seasonal variations in carbon and nutrient storage more pronounced in deciduous than in evergreen trees?
Frida I. Piper, Centro de Investigación en Ecosistemas de la Patagonia (CIEP)
2:30 PM
 Xylem vessel structure, hydraulic efficiency and safety of shrub species at an interior mixed chaparral site
Marta I. Percolla, California State University, Bakersfield; Anna L. Jacobsen, California State University, Bakersfield; R. Brandon Pratt, California State University, Bakersfield
2:50 PM
 Why do leaf venation networks have loops? Testing hypotheses with an Andes-Amazon elevation gradient
Benjamin W. Blonder, University of Arizona; Norma Salinas, Universidad San Antonio Abad del Cusco; Lisa Patrick Bentley, Sonoma State University; Alexander Shenkin, University of Oxford; Percy Chambi Porroa, Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco; Yolvi Valdez Tejeira, Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco; Tatiana Boza Espinoza, University of Zurich; Gregory R. Goldsmith, Paul Scherrer Institute; Lucas Enrico, University of Cordoba; Roberta Martin, Carmegie Institution; Gregory P. Asner, Carnegie Institution for Science; Sandra Díaz, Instituto Multidisciplinario de Biología Vegetal; Brian J. Enquist, University of Arizona; Yadvinder Malhi, University of Oxford
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Seasonal trends in leaf non-structural carbohydrates driven by depletion of starch in Larrea tridentata  
Jessica S. Guo, Northern Arizona University; Linnea F. Gear, Northern Arizona University; Kevin R. Hultine, Desert Botanical Garden; Kiona Ogle, Northern Arizona University
3:40 PM
 Plant water content is the best predictor of drought-induced mortality 
Gerard Sapes, University of Montana; Beth Roskilly, University of Montana; Anna Sala, University of Montana
4:00 PM
 Impacts of root growth after planting on hydraulic physiology and morphology of Douglas-fir seedlings
Rebecca A. Sheridan, Oregon State University; Anthony S. Davis, Oregon State University
4:20 PM
 Temperature-related decline in northern Wisconsin boreal trees
Maegan A. Gagne, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Katherine A. McCulloh, The University of Wisconsin-Madison
4:40 PM
 Selective pressures on C4 photosynthesis evolution in grasses through the lens of optimality
Haoran Zhou, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Biology; Brent Helliker, University of Pennsylvania; Erol Akçay, University of Pennsylvania
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