COS 191 - Soil

Friday, August 11, 2017: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
B115, Oregon Convention Center
8:00 AM
 Cross-site responses of soil nematodes to abnormal growing-season precipitation
André L.C. Franco, Colorado State University; Laureano A. Gherardi, Arizona State University; Cecilia M. de Tomasel, Colorado State University; Walter S. Andriuzzi, Colorado State University; E. Ashley Shaw, Colorado State University; Katharine E. Ankrom, Colorado State University; Osvaldo E. Sala, Arizona State University; Diana H. Wall, Colorado State University
8:20 AM
 Responses of the soil community to mammalian herbivores: How close are we to a global predictive framework?
Walter S. Andriuzzi, Colorado State University; Diana H. Wall, Colorado State University
8:40 AM
 Optimizing sample design for field-scale digital soil mapping for agro-ecological analyses
Siddhartho S Paul, The University of British Columbia; Sean Smukler, The University of British Columbia; Katarina Neufeld, The University of British Columbia
9:00 AM
 Leguminous plants drive fungal community structure in Iowan prairies
Racheal N. Upton, Iowa State University; Kirsten S. Hofmockel, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Meghann E. Jarchow, University of South Dakota
9:20 AM
 Building mud castles: A perspective from brick-laying termites
Nikita Zachariah, Indian Institute of Science; Aritra Das, Indian Institute of Science; Tejas Gorur Murthy, Indian Institute of Science; Renee Maria Borges, Indian Institute of Science
9:40 AM
9:50 AM Cancelled
 Soil carbon and nitrogen response to thinning and fertilization treatments in a coastal Pacific Northwest forest
Cole D. Gross, University of Washington; Jason N. James, University of Washington; Eric C. Turnblom, University of Washington; Robert B. Harrison, University of Washington
10:10 AM
 The interaction of sustainable forestry and farming: Locally produced wood biochar increases soil nutrient availability and plant productivity of the San Juan Islands, USA
Si Gao, University of Washington; Thomas H. DeLuca, University of Montana; Kai Hoffman-Krull, Executive Director of the Data Agriculture Non­profit Forage; Amanda L. Bidwell, University of Washington
11:10 AM
 A modern soil nitrogen concentration and pool baseline for the conterminous United States
Terry D. Loecke, University of Kansas; Skye Wills, USDA-NRCS; Stephen Roecker, USDSA
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