COS 49 - Biodiversity III

Tuesday, August 8, 2017: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
B116, Oregon Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Seeing beyond the trees: A comparison of the relative abundance of plant life forms and their vertical distribution in temperate and tropical forests in the New World
Michelle Elise Spicer, University of Pittsburgh; Hannah Mellor, University of Pittsburgh; Yusan Yang, University of Pittsburgh; Samantha Sutton, University of Pittsburgh; Walter P. Carson, University of Pittsburgh
1:50 PM
 Multiscale changes in southeast Atlantic Ocean fish biodiversity over a twenty year period
Nathan Baker, College of Charleston; Daniel J. McGlinn, College of Charleston
2:10 PM Cancelled
 The macroecology of ant diversification
Evan P. Economo, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University; Benoit Guénard, The University of Hong Kong; Nitish Narula, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University; Eli M. Sarnat, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University; Nicholas Friedman, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University; Georg Fischer, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University; Milan Janda, Czech Academy of Sciences; Jen-Pan Huang, University of Michigan; Michael D. Weiser, University of Oklahoma; John T. Longino, University of Utah; L. Lacey Knowles, University of Michigan
2:30 PM Cancelled
 Do native crops support rare bee species?
Rosy Tucker, Rutgers University; Tina Harrison, Rutgers University; Rachael Winfree, Rutgers University
2:50 PM
 Biodiversity enhancement on green roofs
Leon Blaustein, University of Haifa; Amiel Vasl, University of Haifa; Bracha Y. Schindler, University of Haifa; Lior Blank, Volcani Center; Hadar Shalom, University of Haifa; Merav Seifan, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev; Gyongyver Kadas, University of East London
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Can mammals evolve fast enough to beat the Sixth Mass Extinction?
Matt Davis, Aarhus University; Jens-Christian Svenning, Aarhus University
3:40 PM
 Simulated response of avian biodiversity to biomass production in the conterminous United States
Gangsheng Wang, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Henriette (Yetta) Jager, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Jasmine Kreig, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Nathan Sutton, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Ingrid Busch, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
4:00 PM
 Speciation and the latitudinal diversity gradient: insights from the global distribution of endemic fish
Patrick J. Hanly, Michigan State University; Gary G. Mittelbach, Michigan State University; Douglas W. Schemske, Michigan State University
4:20 PM
 Do shade tolerance and mycorrhizal status influence tree sapling susceptibility to conspecific negative density dependence?
Alissa J. Brown, University of North Carolina; Christopher J. Payne, University of North Carolina; Peter S. White, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Robert K. Peet, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
4:40 PM
 Managing Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON) data for secondary use
Margaret C O'Brien, University of California, Santa Barbara; Robert J. Miller, University of California; Li Kui, University of California, Santa Barbara
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