COS 142 - Population Dynamics And Regulation II

Thursday, August 10, 2017: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
E141, Oregon Convention Center
8:00 AM
 When does less equal more? Assessing compensatory mortality in container mosquitoes
Joseph Neale, Illinois State University; Steven Juliano, Illinois State University
8:20 AM
 Stationary dynamics of moving populations in a nonstationary environment
Galen P. Holt, University of Arizona; Peter Chesson, University of Arizona
8:40 AM
 Revisiting asynchrony between sardine and anchovy in upwelling ecosystems
Margaret C. Siple, University of Washington; Timothy E. Essington, University of Washington
9:00 AM
 Utilizing soil-stored seed banks as natural archives
Jennifer Summers, Tulane University; Michael J. Blum, ByWater Institute; Jason S. McLachlan, University of Notre Dame; Brittany M. Bernik, Tulane University; Colin J. Saunders, South Florida Water Management District
9:20 AM
 The role of maternal age and context-dependent maternal effects in the offspring provisioning of a long-lived marine teleost
Linsey M. Arnold, Oregon State University; Wade D. Smith, University of British Columbia; Paul D. Spencer, National Marine Fisheries Service; Allison N. Evans, Oregon State University; Scott A. Heppell, Oregon State University; Selina S. Heppell, Oregon State University
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Shifting size distributions under intra- and interspecific competition
Rachel N. Hartnett, University of Oklahoma; Lawrence J. Weider, University of Oklahoma
10:10 AM
 Quantifying spatiotemporal variation in Allee effects using an unparalleled spatiotemporal record of species invasion
Kristine L. Grayson, University of Richmond; Patrick C. Tobin, University of Washington; Jonathan A. Walter, University of Kansas; Laura M. Blackburn, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Derek Johnson, Virginia Commonwealth University
10:50 AM
 Resource exposure early in the colony cycle has implications for bumblebee demography
Rosemary L. Malfi, University of California, Davis; Neal M. Williams, University of California; Elizabeth E. Crone, Tufts University
11:10 AM
 Predation and trophic polymorphism influence mean and variance of population abundance: Taylor’s law revisited
Jiaqi Tan, Georgia Institute of Technology; Qixin He, University of Chicago; Xian Yang, Georgia Institute of Technology; Lin Jiang, Georgia Institute of Technology
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