COS 67 - Physiology III

Tuesday, August 8, 2017: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
D138, Oregon Convention Center
1:30 PM
 Stable isotopes reveal the carbon costs of extreme drought in Californian oaks
Andrew P. Weitz, University of California, Berkeley; David D. Ackerly, University of California Berkeley; Todd E. Dawson, University of California Berkeley; Sally Thompson, University of California Berkeley; Blair C. McLaughlin, University of Idaho; Xue Feng, University of California Berkeley
1:50 PM
 A comparison of micro-CT imaging and excised segment methods to measure xylem embolism using a relatively long-vesselled species, Castanea dentata
Z. Carter Berry, University of New Hampshire; Martin D. Venturas, University of Utah; Duncan D. Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Thorsten Knipfer, University of California Davis; Andrew J. McElrone, UC Davis; Craig R. Brodersen, Yale University; Brendan Choat, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, Western Sydney University; Anna L. Jacobsen, California State University, Bakersfield; Uwe G. Hacke, University of Alberta; Megan L. Miller, University of Idaho; Jean-Christophe Domec, North Carolina State University; Katherine A. McCulloh, The University of Wisconsin-Madison; Italo Cuneo, University of California, Davis; Caetano Albuquerque, UC Davis; Daniel M. Johnson, University of Idaho
2:10 PM Cancelled
 Effect of microclimate on parturition and behavior in big brown bats
Christopher W. Nicolay, University of North Carolina Asheville; Marina J Braine, University of North Carolina Asheville
2:30 PM
 Differential growth responses of pinyon and juniper during El Niño and La Niña periods
Drew M. P. Peltier, Northern Arizona University; Jessica S. Guo, Northern Arizona University; Kimberly E. Samuels-Crow, Northern Arizona University; Larissa Yocom-Kent, Northern Arizona University; Yao Liu, Northern Arizona University; William R. L. Anderegg, University of Utah; Michael Fell, Northern Arizona University; George W. Koch, Northern Arizona University; Kiona Ogle, Northern Arizona University
2:50 PM
 Canopy rainfall interception facilitates recovery from severe water stress in Prunus dulcis, a Mediterranean species
Jessica Orozco, University of California Davis; Paula Guzmán-Delgado, University of California Davis; J. Mason Earles, Yale University; Aude Tixier, uc davis; Jessie Godfrey, UC Davis; Maciej A. Zwieniecki, UC Davis
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
 Leaf hydraulic vulnerability influences sapflow responses to vapor pressure deficit in Los Angeles urban trees
Grace P. John, UCLA; Christine Scoffoni, UCLA; Diane E. Pataki, University of Utah; Elizaveta Litvak, University of Utah; Thomas N. Buckley, The Univesrity of Sydney; Lawren Sack, UCLA
3:40 PM
 Non-structural carbohydrates diel variations in trees. Assimilates translocation, storage starch turnover and full canopy secondary redistribution
Aude Tixier, uc davis; Jessica Orozco, University of California Davis; Adele Amico Roxas, University of Palermo; Maciej A. Zwieniecki, UC Davis; Paula Guzman, UC Davis; Jessie Godfrey, UC Davis; Lu Zhang, UC Davis
4:00 PM
 A new paradigm for plant water uptake and use in grasslands and savannas
Jesse B. Nippert, Kansas State University; Kimberly O'Keefe, University of Wisconsin; Tony Swemmer, South African Ecological Observation Network (SAEON); Ricardo M. Holdo, University of Georgia
4:20 PM
 Biomass allocation in tropical dry forest trees and lianas
Christina M. Smith-Martin, University of Minnesota Twin Cities; Jennifer S. Powers, University of Minnesota
4:40 PM
 Tissue stable isotope ratios detect relationships among growth, internal water storage and precipitation in giant saguaro occurring across broad spatio-temporal gradients
Kevin R. Hultine, Desert Botanical Garden; Alberto Búrquez, Instituto de Ecologia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico; Brad Butterfield, Northern Arizona University; David Dettman, University of Arizona; Raul Puente, Desert Botanical Garden; David G Williams, University of Wyoming
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