COS 181 - Ecosystem Stability And Resilience III

Friday, August 11, 2017: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
E145, Oregon Convention Center
8:00 AM
 Vegetation mortality, resiliency, and recovery following a large-scale wildfire in the the Methow Valley, Washington
Peter Morrison, Pacific Biodiversity Institute; Kristina J. Bartowitz, Pacific Biodiversity Institute
8:20 AM
 Gone but not forgotten: Non transitive effects of fish addition and removal on mountain lake plankton communities
Celia C. Symons, University of California- San Diego; Marika A. Schulhof, University of California- San Diego; Hamanda B. Cavalheri, University of California- San Diego; Jonathan B. Shurin, University of California- San Diego
8:40 AM
9:00 AM
 At what spatial scales is ecological resilience relevant in systems with high recruitment openness?
Vadim A. Karatayev, University of California, Davis; Marissa L. Baskett, University of California, Davis
9:20 AM
 High severity fires, positive fire feedbacks and alternative stable states in Athrotaxis rainforest ecosystems in western Tasmania
Andres Holz, Portland State University; Sam Wood, University of Tasmania; Michael Fletcher, University of Melbourne; Feli Hopf, Australian National University; Carly Ward, University of Tasmania; Thomas T. Veblen, University of Colorado; David Bowman, University of Tasmania
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Assessing hydraulic vulnerability to drought across Australian forests
Jennifer M. R. Peters, Western Sydney University; Brendan Choat, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, Western Sydney University; Markus Nolf, Western Sydney Univeritsy; Rosana Lopez, INRA
10:10 AM
 Impact of drought and wildfire on carbon storage in the Eucalyptus forests of south-western Australia
Lewis L. Walden, Murdoch University; Richard J. Harper, Murdoch University; Katinka Ruthrof, Murdoch University; George Matusick, Auburn University; Joseph B. Fontaine, Murdoch University
10:30 AM
 Trophic complexity moderates the vulnerability of communities exposed to multiple stressors
Lydia J. White, Queen's University Belfast; Nessa E. O'Connor, Trinity College Dublin; Mark C. Emmerson, Queen's University Belfast; Ian Donohue, Trinity College Dublin
10:50 AM
 Disturbances increase the complexity of ecological stability at the global scale
Ian Donohue, Trinity College Dublin; Qiang Yang, Trinity College Dublin; Andrew L. Jackson, Trinity College Dublin; Yvonne Buckley, Trinity College Dublin; Jose M. Montoya, CNRS; The NutNet Consorteum, Nutrient Network (
11:10 AM
 How stochasticity type¬†influences leading indicators¬†of critical transitions
Suzanne M. O'Regan, National Institute of Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS); Danielle L. Burton, University of Tennessee
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