COS 130 - Disease And Epidemiology V

Thursday, August 10, 2017: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
D137, Oregon Convention Center
8:00 AM
 Microbial diversity and pathogen acquisition altered by host blood meal in the microbiome of a key disease vector, Ixodes pacificus
Jessica Y. Kwan, San Francisco State University; Betsabel Chicana, University of California, Merced; Caitlin Miller, San Francisco State University; Andrea Swei, San Francisco State University
8:20 AM
 Predicting plague outbreaks in black-tailed prairie dog colonies
Elizabeth Hunter, University of Nevada, Reno; Kevin Shoemaker, University of Nevada, Reno
8:40 AM
 Watering holes as hotspots of parasite transmission in changing climates
Georgia C. Titcomb, University of California Santa Barbara; Jenna Hulke, University of California Santa Barbara; Hillary Young, University of California Santa Barbara
9:00 AM
 What lies beneath: Sources, sinks, and chimeras of Zika virus transmission in Colombia
Alex Perkins, University of Notre Dame; Christopher Barker, University of California, Davis; Guido Espana, University of Notre Dame; Michael Johansson, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Carrie Manore, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Bobby Reiner, University of Washington; Isabel Rodriguez-Barraquer, University of California, San Francisco; Amir Siraj, University of Notre Dame
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
 Identifying the effects of measles-induced immune amnesia on whooping cough dynamics as a secondary infection
Navideh Noori, University of Georgia; Pejman Rohani, University of Georgia
10:10 AM
 Lethal and sublethal effects of predators on pathogen transmission and trophic cascades
Jason T. Hoverman, Purdue University; Michael F. Chislock, Purdue University; Turner DeBlieux, Purdue University; Zach Compton, Purdue University; Samantha Gallagher, Purdue University; Brian Tornabene, Purdue University; Lexington Eiler, Purdue University; Kelton Verble, Purdue University
10:30 AM
 Bioenergetics theory predicts resource and host density dependence in per capita infectiousness and ecological risk for human exposure in experimental epidemics of Schistosoma mansoni
David J. Civitello, Emory University; Leah R. Johnson, Virginia Tech; Roger M. Nisbet, University of California, Santa Barbara; Jason R. Rohr, University of South Florida
10:50 AM
 Whooping cough epidemiology and evolution in the vaccine era
A. I. Bento, University of Georgia; Aaron King, University of Michigan; Pejman Rohani, University of Georgia
11:10 AM
 Resurgence of pertussis in Massachusetts: Waning vaccinal immunity and end-of-honeymoon effect
Pejman Rohani, University of Georgia; Matthieu Domenech de Celles, Institute Pasteur; Aaron A. King, University of Michigan
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